How does someone come to define luxury? Is it a feeling, a name a look? Luxury simply defined is just great living and comfort. Exclusivity does not always equal luxury. Bringing accessibility into fashion makes fashion fun for all. The creativity that can ignite from seeing how every person styles their own clothing or accessories is far more fun than from a select few.

Telfar, the latest “It” bag comes in three different sizes, many colors and vegan leather. The brand’s founder Telfar Clemens says his line is for everyone. Notably, when the public spotted Beyoncé toting the medium white bag in Brooklyn, NY earlier this summer, people thought the price would catapult for sure.


High Demand, Same Great Price

Nevertheless, he replied with a post saying “Price Not Changing. Not for You — For Everyone” accompanied with bumble bee emojis. When Telfar’s popularity skyrocketed and bags would sell out in minutes, they introduced a bag security program to ensure people could pre-order their favorite purses. 

Credit: @telfarglobal on instagram

Fabulous and Frugal

With dozens of styles and a majority of them well under $300, the young up-and-coming designer Brandon Blackwood makes designer handbags for all. With his bags rising in popularity as well, he subsequently introduced early morning pre-orders to ensure as many people can get the bags as possible. 

Credit: Brandon Blackwood NYC via Facebook 

Luxury is what you make it. Everyone should be able to enjoy luxury and fashion, without needing to spend thousands or even several hundred dollars. However you define it, we’re thankful for designer brands like Telfar and Brandon Blackwood NYC for bringing fashion to the people.

Credit: Brandon Blackwood NYC via Instagram
By Cierra Black
Featured Photo: Brandon Blackwood NYC via Instagram
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