2022 has undoubtedly been a trendsetting and iconoclastic year for the fashion industry. With the fashion release schedule of major brands in full swing, here are the trends coming this 2022 fall season!

1. Sheer Silhouettes

Social distance and self-quarantine had become the norm in the past two years due to the pandemic strike, making simplicity and comfort the most talked about dressing trend during the pandemic, but in 2022, when daily life is gradually getting back on track, the trend has reversed 180 degrees, with grandness and flair becoming the expression of people who want to be free. This strong feeling is no doubt melted into the external dressing.

Exaggerated silhouettes, strong colors, and cutouts that are out of the norm, these elements can undoubtedly be expressed more distinctly in the fall when clothes are thickened.

2. Sense of Technology

In July, the Balenciaga fashion house shook up the fashion world with a series of haute couture pieces incorporating cutting-edge technologies: new neoprene, polyurethane coated masks, flat knits with aluminum, and more. Demna gave a new definition of high-end and luxury by using advanced technologies, which conveyed the pioneering spirit of breaking out of the ivory tower and a new way of reflection on beauty for the young generation.

The technology elements will serve as a symbol of embodiment, engraving the determination to break into a new era on everyone who follows it.

3. Floral Pattern

Intricate prints are not only a reflection of detail but also a great expression of vitality. Floral patterns bring a sense of renewal and exuberance from spring and summer, and are even more vibrant in the sluggish autumn, while embroidery and crochet add a touch of softness and sophistication, complemented by bright colors that can greatly enhance the recognizability of the garment.

4. Bulky Fur & Leather

Echoing the sheer silhouettes mentioned at the beginning, bulky furs and leathers are back in a big way this fall. Stiffer silhouettes, and brighter colors, speak the strong emotions all around. A comfy and warm leather jacket is a great choice for the chilly autumn days, but adding different colors and silhouettes to these precious fabrics is a great idea to stand out among the masses.

5. Extensive Sequins

Sequins are becoming one of the most exhilarating expressions of emotion this fall, appearing more and more on the runways and in street photographs. Whether it’s a dress or shoes, a top or an accessory, sequins always become the eye-catching part. No matter if you are going to a casual party or a formal event, dazzling sequins would be a good choice this fall.

6. Retro Trend

To a certain extent, the sequins mentioned earlier can be regarded as one of the manifestations of the retro trend, whereas the most representative one is the ace card of red which is played by many big brands unanimously. The ivory jumpsuit, knitted tunic, blazer jackets, bustier dresses, and crop tops, when they are all dyed in red, this fall will no longer be monotonous and boring.

7. All-black

Black bombshells are back. If you pay a little attention, you will find that the head-to-toe black style is gradually appearing around you from after parties to unsmiling offices. Whether it’s a suit or a tight skirt, the pure black outfit is back at the forefront of the trend, and it will never ever go out of style.

8. White Tank

Neutral style is not a fresh topic, but in an era where feminism and gender awareness are growing year by year, it is certainly an issue that finds a new expression in the fashion industry every season, and this fall, its chosen spiritual carrier is the white tank.

Its simplicity and blankness are where its power and charm lie, and the fabric, which even omits the logo, is precisely the best canvas to show the wearer themselves.

9. Highly Saturated Colors

Pink, green, yellow, blue, purple …… If you think these colors are not enough to attract the eye in their normal form, how would it be visually stimulating to pull their saturation degrees all the way up? Fluorescent orange and pink, bright blue and yellow, or all wrapped up in hot red or purple? This is the stunning landscape that is going on in the streets this fall.

10. Multi-shaped Trench

The trench coat has become so popular that it is now a must-have item.

As a great item to protect against the autumn wind, it may be time to consider how we can wear it in a different way. trench dresses may be a good choice, or you can pair a basic trench with the popular corset belts this fall to push the envelope.

Written by Jamie Yang


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