Summer 2022 is quickly approaching as we close out this award season and move on to the bright sunshine and sexy heat waves. 

Summer is all about relaxation, a big glass of lemonade, good friends, road trips, vacations and maybe even some good books. Can’t you just taste the freedom! LA Style Magazine would like to introduce to you some fashion tips and tricks to stay ahead of the game as we enter into the month of May.

First up on the list…Mini skirts! That’s right. Just when you thought the waists were getting lower, the skirts got shorter too. According to an article by Vogue, mini skirts are increasing in the hot factor. Emma Chamberlain’s monochromatic Coachella outfit featured a red mini skirt on Day 2. Influencers everywhere are hopping on the trend. 

Photo by Jennifer Marquez Model: ramirezyvette1

Next up we have bold colors. Think neon pink, green, orange, you name it. Monochromatic sets have been trending for quite some time, but for Summer 2022 they continue to thrive. 

Photo by Dom Hill

Chunky jeans have been a trend among millennials over the past year. But have you ever heard of chunky sandals? This summer expect to see Slinky30’s from Steve Madden make an appearance. These sandals are nothing new to the fashion community, but they continue to trend in the markets. 

Photo by Hans Isaacson

Everyone needs a good pair of jean shorts. A classic go-to is always the way to go when engaging in summer activities. From shopping at boutiques, to going for surf sessions, an old reliable is definitely the right choice. 

Photo by Hans Isaacson

Next up we have knit tops. Following with the beach vibes, see through tops will definitely make their mark in Summer 2022. These are perfect for throw on days when out and about in the hot sun.

Halter tops have stayed a trend over the course of 2022, but when it comes to summer this year, they will be expected to reach their height of popularity. Everyone loves a good halter top. They have the ability to make anyone look on top of their A-game. 

Photo by Khaled Ghareeb

Who doesn’t love a good flowy dress? Following springtime, summery dresses are a great go to.

Photo by Jakob Owens

Cargo shorts/jeans are making a comeback. We just can’t get enough pockets! Thrifting is always a great idea especially in Summer 2022. 

Style is up to you! As Spring comes to a close and we enter into the new summer season, LA Style encourages you to follow your own fashion path. Although these are just some suggestions, it’s up to you what you wear! You get to decide for yourself what’s hot or not. Let this summer define your sense of style as you strut the boardwalks, the boutiques or even just your neighborhood sidewalk. 


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