Feeling Good When It Doesn’t Feel Good

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I don’t have a crystal ball; I can’t tell you what lies just around the corner, and lately, it seems like every time we turn around, the plot thickens. In this seemingly ever-changing climate, how do you make sure no matter how much chaos surrounds you, you can always feel good even when it doesn’t feel good. To ensure you can take care of yourself no matter what you face, you’ve got to do things to protect your mind, body, and soul.

Level-Up to Feel Good

How do you feel your best when life can seem out of control and upside down? A great approach to life stems from peace and confidence on the inside. Yet, when inner confidence is lacking, flip it inside-out. What’s the fastest path to do that? For me, the short answer is easy: when all is lost, the quickest route to feeling my best is looking my best. Obviously, this is an intermediate solution to propel you to the next level (like Pacman eating a ghost or a Mario brother when he gets a mushroom). It’s like an instant level-up to inner joy, peace, and unwavering courage.

“Looking good leads to feeling good, feeling good leads to empowerment.” When you put your

best face forward, it gives you the opportunity to really accelerate in life. Feeling good

commands respect. And that’s really empowering.

– NY Times


When I need an instant pick-me-up, first I do my favorite workout, then great hair, make-up, and nails are an easy go-to! I can be in joggers and still feel a heck of a lot more emboldened with a blow-out than I did when I woke up. Cause #WokeUpLikeThis is rarely ever the reality. I’ve found a good blow out can change your entire view; you can’t help but walk out of The Dry Bar feeling better than you did walking in. I know those endorphins may only last a short time, but the idea is that in those moments of feeling your best, you may make more confident and empowered choices. And the compound effect of one great choice can affect another great choice, putting you on the track of a better future. Then rinse and repeat.

Bathtub Detox to Feel Good

There are a million different directions we can get pulled in a single day, so it’s easy to overlook what you need to do to take care of you. You’d be amazed at what a massage or bath can do for your psyche. Remember that episode of Friends when Chandler steals Monica’s bath? I think it’s your turn. Tonight, find twenty minutes, some bubble bath, Epsom Salts, lavender candles, a great glass of wine and unwind your stress and let all your fears, doubts, and worries down the drain, literally.

Candle Bath

You Have So Much To Offer You

We may think that always taking care of others is most noble, but you can offer so much more to others when you take actions that help take care of you. Feeling good and taking care of yourself doesn’t have to mean me first; it can mean me too. If you are burnt-out, sleep-deprived, and always on the cusp of a breakdown, because you are carrying the world without taking time to care for what you need so you can handle it all with grace, you will be far less productive and creative. Plus, it’s rarely ever a place the feeds love, promotion, or gratitude. You can’t pour from an empty cup, but when you’ve done something good for yourself, you actually perform better, gain inner strength and un-tap your potential.

“When you lack confidence, you put a lid on your potential.” Fast Company

There are many ways for you to be successful monetarily, even when you take care of yourself. As I summarized in my other article, you can even Make Money While You Sleep.

Give the world your best you instead of what’s left of you! Don’t hesitate to get to that nail salon or take a little more time enhancing your hair and make-up, so you’re looking at the best you there is. After all, your curling iron didn’t go in quarantine. You did with your straightener right next to you. Even if everything around you is falling apart, you can face it with a little more strength and pop in your step, so throw on a little more mascara, pop that pink Candy YumYum lipstick, and strut your best self.

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