Food Trucks, The New Dining Out Experience

People have discovered food trucks! Food trucks are a convenient way to get many different foods, from desserts like ice cream and churros to meals like tacos. Do you remember going out to your favorite restaurant, perhaps a dinner date or a brunch with friends?

Food trucks are the new restaurants since COVID-19 severely impacted Los Angeles, along with many other counties. The result has been drastic modifications made in the food industry.

Increasingly, they have been popping up throughout the Los Angeles area. Keeping track of where the vendors post is quite easy as people share their meals on social media and tag the businesses.  

food truck
Photo: Arturo Rey on Unsplash

Enjoy Food Outdoors

Food truck events have also become more of a mainstream experience. Although food trucks have been around for years, recently more people are buying from them—because of their unique dishes or its proximity to people’s homes. 

In food truck events, vendors can park several feet apart to allow for sufficient space as people wait for their orders. There are also markers guiding where you should be standing to comply with social distancing. It is normal for people to walk around during these events, choose some food, head over to their cars and consume it there. 

food truck
Photo: RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Experience Foodie Festivals Safely During COVID-19

Earlier this year, Drive-Thru Fair Foodie Fest was held at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim. The event included free entrance and a mini powdered sugar funnel cake. 

The fun event featured notable high points.
Attendees were handed a map with a description of what each truck had. Vendors sold all types of food from giant turkey legs to Hawaiian chicken teriyaki pineapple bowls. Treats like kettle corn and freshly squeezed lemonade were also available. 

There were convenient parking spaces after each stand for people to pull over and enjoy their food. Towards the end of the lines, you could play games all from the comfort and safety of your car. It was the new carnival experience. 

 Photo: James Frid on Pexels

Top Food Trucks In Los Angeles

With our new reality, the food truck trend allows people to enjoy food and drinks in a safe environment. Here are some of the must visit food trucks in Los Angeles.


Coolhaus is known for their unique ice cream flavors and presentations. They create premium cookie sandwiches, ice cream pints and other crazy-amazing dessert combinations. Avocado sea salt, balsamic fig, mascarpone, beer and pretzels and coconut negroni are some of the exotic flavors you can find inside their food truck. To make sure you devour every bit of their desserts, their products are served in edible wrappers as well!

 Photos: Coolhaus on Instagram

Tumaca Truck

If you’re looking to indulge Spanish cuisine, the Tumaca Truck takes its stand outside coffee shops from Venice to Downtown Los Angeles. Their top dish is their Tumaca Sandwich, a renovated sandwich from Barcelona. All their foods are prepared from scratch with the best quality ingredients that are either imported from Spain or sourced from artisan producers. Try their tapas and sandwiches to travel through food into a unique Spanish experience.

 Photos: Tumacatruck on Instagram

Guerrilla Tacos

Well known for its notorious flavors, Guerrilla Tacos is considered one of the best food trucks in Los Angeles. Their menu changes seasonally according to what is being sold at the farmer’s markets. Chef Wes Avila brings restaurant flavors to the truck inspired by the city. Their most popular dish is the sweet potato taco, one that is always available on their menu. Taking street food to another level, the Guerrilla Tacos Truck can be found in front of their sister restaurant coffee shops: Cafecito and Tiago Coffee

 Photos: Guerrillatacos on Instagram

By Miriam Frutos Rodriguez
Featured Photo: @tumacatruck on Instagram

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