Fox Holt Founders Dale & Katy are Creating Fashion Evolution

Fox Holt founders Dale Volpe and Katy Rowley talk mindful living, ideation and women empowerment.  

I received an oversized blue and white tie-dye sweatshirt in the mail. It was paired with blue comfort leggings, which begged me to put them on. Better yet, both pieces were upcycled. As Fox Holt likes to say, “Better on you than in a landfill.”

Fox Holt is the mindful living fashion brand breaking into the 2020 sustainable scene. Combining both luxury and ethical consumption, Fox Holt brings mindful designers and artisans together to sustain, educate and evolve.

I had the opportunity to speak with founders Dale Volpe, previously at Moschino and personal stylist, and Katy Rowley, formally at MatchesFashion. With Volpe in New York, Rowley in London and me in Cali, we hopped on a Zoom call to talk all things mindful living, ideation and women empowerment. 

As we exchanged smiles and get-to-know-you’s, I asked where the idea of guilt free shopping originated. It turns out it all started with a move to Houston and a cup of joe. 

“She was the first person I met in [my new Houston] building, and it was totally by accident,” said Volpe. “I’m telling you, we just knew we were going to be friends.”

What clicked was their love for mindful living and their previous experiences. 

Volpe had negative experiences when it came to fur and feather based collections. She knew she didn’t want to be associated with that lifestyle. Rowley was always a practical shopper and bought pieces that would last throughout all seasons. Seeing racks of clothing that would never make it to the stores didn’t sit right with her. So the two bonded over the interconnectedness of mindful living and the impact it can have on the future. 

A friendship rooted in likeness manifested and Volpe and Rowley soon found themselves in the midst of the holiday season. The two sipped away at their coffees and chatted about the draining (and seemingly impossible) process of searching for sustainable gifts. The phrase “fast fashion” was barely beginning to surface and the market wasn’t making mindful living feasible. So the dynamic duo knew what they needed to do — create Fox Holt. 

The biggest issue the two wanted to tackle first was the lack of knowledge on where to find sustainable brands. Because of this, Fox Holt designed their platform to be a space where all mindful brands could join together. 

“There are loads of sustainable brands out there, but they’re just so hard to find,” said Rowley. “We wanted to assist in the way that people found those brands.”

Photo: Fox Holt

This decision allows for a simpler search process while also providing a space for small designers and artisans to be seen, heard and appreciated.

Volpe and Rowley didn’t only want to fill a void in the market of ethical consumption, but also wanted to educate others on sustainability.

“[Sustainability is a] tough word,” Volpe said.  “It’s maybe overused in a lot of ways, but I feel like it’s about the little things you can do in your own life to make a difference… It’s just about doing the change you feel comfortable doing and committing to.”

Moving further into the fall, Fox Holt plans to release weekly educational content to further others’ knowledge on mindful living.

“We want weekly content that is not just around the brands, but around sustainable materials giving back to the community like vegan foods, vegan restaurants and sustainable hotels,” said Rowley. “So a lot more around a sustainable lifestyle as a whole, rather than just the fashion brands and the pieces.” 

As a go-getter woman myself, I was captivated by the sheer determination Volpe and Rowley possessed. I asked where the driving force for the women led company resided.

Photo: Fox Holt

For Volpe, it resides in her daughter. She wants her to know she can be a powerful, successful woman while being a mother, wife, sister and more.

Rowley echoed the same sentiment explaining she wants to show her three sons that a woman works equally as hard as a man. Beyond that, Rowley says by focusing on women and by producing good work, a new level of confidence and stimulation is emulated.

To the Fox Holt ladies, it’s not just a brand, it’s about being a sisterhood that creates meaningful change.

Fox Holt is one of 2020’s silver linings, and the mindful living fashion brand is one to keep an eye on.   

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