From Scarcity to Becoming Leading Entrepreneurs : Advice from 13 Empowering Women

A community of women brought together by inspirational stories of triumph is connected by the Live Out Loud Community. Interviewed by Roshanda Pratt on the pink carpet of Live Out Loud, from scarcity, to business systems and multi-million dollar companies, these thirteen empowering women share their advice in loving what you do and stepping out of the shadows. 

Roshanda Pratt || Visibility Coach & Executive Producer

Roshanda Pratt, also known as ‘The Rosho Live’ has been a speaker and former television news producer for more than a decade, who now equips influencers and media personalities with the tools to tap into the power of their stories, amplify their voices, and monetize their storylines online.

“When we were in elementary school and middle school, you had to have a permission slip to get on the bus, write your own permission slip or give yourself permission to show up. You have to decide what that show up looks like, what consistency looks like for you, and then commit to whatever you said you are going to do and do it messy. Do it, embracing the fact that it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress. Embrace progress over perfection every single time.”

Brooke Thomas || Business & Faith Coach 

Brooke is a powerhouse entrepreneur who has built an 8-figure empire empowering business women to write their own rules for success. Brooke has proven herself to be an Elite Level Business Strategist, leading multiple Masterminds and operating an exclusive membership-based coaching program. The Live Out Loud Masterminds operate strategically with systems that have proven to help thousands of women take their business to a level of success that they never knew was possible. Brooke hosts a successful weekly podcast called “The Live Out Loud Show,” giving women a free resource to create a major impact in their business, life and faith.

“Live out loud is not about living louder, it’s about using our voice to let people know what’s inside.”

Heather Torres || YouTube Strategy Coach 

Heather is the COO of Think Media and a working homeschool mom. Her passion is helping leaders build their confidence and profits with YouTube and other online video platforms. She helps business owners find clarity in their market, messaging and monetization strategies. With over ten years of experience in working marketing and communications, she is an expert in Facebook advertising to maximize sales for businesses. 

 “I’m just a girl who picked up a camera and said yes to what God was calling me to do. I really feel like there is a new place and a new language that is content creation. More women need to step into owning their voice on video and I wanted to help them be able to do that.”

Jaime Cross || Entrepreneur & Herbal Alchemist

Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer, Jaime Cross stands at the forefront of health & wellness as a force for good, driven by purpose and worldwide impact. Financially free, family-owned and operated, based in Colorado Springs. With Colorado having a mission to restore an industry and empower entrepreneurs across the country through its distinctive approach, MIG Living is positioned to be a leader in Home, Health & Self.

“I asked God for a billion dollar idea ten years ago and he showed me a dream. So I learned to formulate and have been handcrafting skincare ever since.”

Morgan Kline || Entrepreneur 

Morgan Kline is the first appointed female CEO of Burn Boot Camp, a leading fitness franchise. As other gyms focus on aesthetics, Burn Boot Camp has always taken a different approach by putting an emphasis on improving confidence and performance through community-based fitness. Burn Boot Camp is poised to achieve its goal of expanding to 10,000 global locations while staying steadfast in its philosophy of empowering women. 

“It’s really about being in competition with yourself, and that’s healthy. It’s healthy if you want to be competitive with yourself, but when it turns into me versus her, and I need a win. She needs to lose that unhealthy competition. So today I just talked about really focusing on how do you get better every single day. And how do you just celebrate other women? By celebrating yourself and feeling no intimidation from either one.

Shari Shula || Entrepreneur 

Shari Shula is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Joey James, The Label, a line of designer bags made by and for women. The entire collection is named after women who have made an impact. Shari believes in strong women because she is a strong woman and is raising strong women.

“Take that next step and then that next step and get, you know, get the LLC signed. Then find the factory and then before you know it, you have products that are made and beautiful and that you love. Then you start working on your website and, and it’s crazy all that goes into it and I’ve learned so much about myself—about how you can really do hard things.” 

Tresa Todd || Speaker, Founder & Author


As a speaker, author and CEO, Tresa’s call is to inspire women to step into their best lives. In a harsh, busy, distracted world, her message is a welcome fountain of grace. Her words carry hope and stir the faith buried in the hearts of those who listen. She has shared the stage with people from all backgrounds and experience, from Mel Gibson to sweet personal friends. In every situation, she is confident and gracious. 

“I teach other women just like myself. I was making $60,000 a year, and that was at the end of a 25 year career. And so to teach, I always tell average women just like myself that they can invest in real estate and earn more money than they ever dreamed of. Getting out of debt and finally retiring has been the most fun. I’m so grateful and honored that God called me to this.”

Thea Wood || Entrepreneur & Speaker 


Thea Wood and her husband Doug Wood are entrepreneurs who run a multi-million dollar independent coaching business. Over the last nine years, they have helped over 300,000 people improve their lives. They have dedicated their lives to helping average people (just like them) with above average desires to live and become their best selves.

“I just started kicking fear in the face. It was a moment where it was like I needed to move past my fears and step into who I’m called to be. I started living out loud on social media, just sharing my journey, my life and people wanted to be part of it. That’s really where the movement started in 2012.”

Keri Wilson || Entrepreneur 


Keri Wilson is the Designer and Chief Creative Officer of GoldSheep. GoldSheep is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind athleisure brand that is dedicated to bringing light to favorable images and putting them on legs for the rest of the world to wear. GoldSheep dedicates each day  to hand-making each piece in their Orange County warehouse and has a passion for making their customers feel like they can embrace their individuality with every wear. GoldSheep is inspired by the special uniqueness people have inside, but more importantly, by Keri’s grandmother. Shirley embodies her individuality and independence and is what we call the ULTIMATE GoldSheep.

Today, GoldSheep is headquartered and manufactured in beautiful Orange County, California, where creativity grows and the brand continues to expand. There is a story behind every design which makes each collection more empathetic and even more favorable than the last.

“I had created GOLDSHEEP as a private Tumblr account because I always knew I was not the black sheep. I was way too sparkly and way too bright. 

It’s a brand that wants you to be your best self. We want to pull the light you already have inside of you and bring it out.. We want you to shine. I tell my team the same thing as I tell everyone else. We were all born to stand out, we were all born to be the GOLDSHEEP.”

Emily Ford || Entrepreneur


Emily is a business owner, dog mom to Hugo, and wellness curator who is constantly brainstorming some of the best ways to share her everyday lifestyle tips, hacks and experiences. She has led a team of over 150,000 entrepreneurs and shared the stage with some of the biggest business names in the world. Whether it’s getting her trusted business and personal development advice or taking a look at her favorite outfits, meals, or next trip—she wants her audience to have front-row seats along the way. In her newly launched podcast called ‘ITSEMILY,’ she helps individuals navigate through the world of business and entrepreneurship. The perfect combination of hustle and flow.

“The more you want to work on yourself, the more you’ll want to help others. The more you ignore working on yourself, the more you complain about others. 

Sarah Robbins || Network Marketing Expert

Sarah Robbins is the #1 distributor and top earner in her network marketing company, with a strong seven figure annual income.

Sarah is a teacher by trade. While she loved teaching kindergarten and first grade, she was facing the loss of her job due to a struggling economy. Her husband Phil’s landscape construction business was also affected by the local economy. They decided to pursue extra income, and Sarah’s search led her to network marketing. She began working her network marketing business part-time alongside her teaching career.

“One of my greatest joys is coaching people to live the life of their dreams.”

Marshawn Evans Daniels || Reinvention Strategist, Coach & Author

Marshawn Evans Daniels is a Reinvention Strategist, Influence Expert and Best-Selling Author known as The Godfidence® Coach.  

A master in teaching the art of manifestation, this former Sports Attorney, Miss America Finalist and Donald Trump Apprentice, left her full-time job as a stuffy big-firm lawyer and turned her passion for people into a multimillion-dollar enterprise just a few years ago. She helps emerging & established women influencers of faith to Believe Bigger, Live Bigger and Profit Bigger so that they can ultimately Give Bigger.

“Promoting and marketing myself taught me how to get really good at bio writing and coming up with compelling talk titles that would lead to bookings. The clearer my message the more bookings I secured. The more bookings, the more income + more impact. I think that’s when I fell in love with developing marketing messages, tag lines, and organizing ideas in such a way that connected powerfully with an audience.”

Ruth Fernandez || CEO, Author, Speaker & Consultant

Ruth Fernandez currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of multiple companies. She brings a spirit of excellence to 1031 Crowdfunding and is the foundation behind our efficient processes and procedures. Ruth’s gifting is building infrastructure for businesses and coaching/mentoring individuals.

Ruth Fernandez has held management and accounting positions in the Law, Title, and Import-Export industries. She then founded a nationwide Notary service company employing over 400 notaries and 120 contract attorneys. Ruth’s experience in these various industries provided her with a strong foundation in managing people and structures.

“To keep it very simple, this is what I have learned: If I ask God for what I want, I will never have a need again. Yes, you may want to read that again. If you ask for what you want, you will never have a need again! Can you feel how much that makes your brain sort of squirm a little? Because it is a huge shift in thinking for many and is the most fundamental truth of my story.”

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