Spend a fabulous and fun weekend in Pasadena exploring one of LA’s most beautiful and entertaining cities.

Most people that visit or even live in Los Angeles are not aware of its hidden gems, such as the city of Pasadena. It’s a city full of history, beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and it’s known for being divinely artistic. There’s always something to do, from art festivals in Old Pasadena, to music festivals at the Rose Bowl. Here’s a look at how you can spend an entire weekend doing some fun activities within Pasadena.

Saturday Fun Weekend Things to do in Pasadena

Morning Therapy 

Breakfast At Seed Bakery – Seeds Bakery has a variety of delicious pastries that are 100% organic and vegan. It’s the ideal place to grab a light breakfast before continuing your day.

Grab coffee at Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar – As you’re taking a walk, enjoying the beautiful architecture the city offers, Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar is a must-taste experience. Their delectable drinks come in unique blends that are completely original and look totally Instagram-worthy. 

Photo: Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Decadent Afternoon 

Visit the Norton Simon Museum – This is the perfect museum to go to when you enjoy European and Asian Art. The Norton Simon Museum has tons of stunning artwork to showcase. It has a magnificent sculpture garden where you can soak up all of its history without feeling too overwhelmed by its magnitude. 

Snack Time At Amara Café & Restaurant – Take a break at Amara’s for some delicious churros covered in melted chocolate. Amara’s is all about unique Venezuelan flavors and has a variety of delicious dishes and a delightful seating area within Old Pasadena.

Treat Yourself this Evening 

Old Pasadena Shopping – If you love shopping, this is the perfect street to stroll through. It has everything from boutiques like Finn + Willow and Homage to big brand stores like Urban Outfitters, Lush and Zara. There’s also plenty of parking lots offering the first 90 minutes for free.

Dinner At True Food Kitchen – Old Pasadena has plenty of restaurants all over, but one of the best restaurants the locals are raving about is True Food Kitchen located at the very start of Colorado Boulevard. This restaurant promises to deliver meals that will satisfy your cravings. They serve everything from delicious turkey burgers to mouthwatering desserts that feel as good as they taste.

Photo: True Food Kitchen on Facebook

Sunday Funday Weekend Things to do in Pasadena

Delicious Mornings are a Given 

Photo: Little John on Unsplash

Brunch At Russell’s – If you’re doing brunch, you’ve got to do it right! Russell’s is one of the most coveted brunch spots in Pasadena. They offer all the American fan-favorites with a European-style ambiance. 

Coffee At Jones Coffee – Whether you’re a coffee addict or tea enthusiast, Jones Coffee has you covered. There are various locations within the city, but the most recommended one by the locals is the one within Vroman’s Bookstore, because it offers the ability to either relax and enjoy the setting or peruse through the bookstore while sipping your delicious drink. 

Enjoy a Relaxing Afternoon

Vroman’s Bookstore – Take some time to visit the oldest independent bookstore in Southern California! While there’s two locations, the absolute favorite is the one on Colorado Boulevard. as it has free parking and is five times the size, with two stories. It’s beautiful and carries a variety of things from books and notepads, to peculiar gadgets and games. 

Lunch At Urth Caffe – If you continue to walk down Colorado Boulevard, taking a right when leaving Vroman’s you will hit Urth Caffe one block down. This is one of the favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, but what most people aren’t aware of is that the one in Pasadena is one of their biggest and nicest locations. Their food is deliciously healthy, fairly priced and their pastries are to die for. 

Photo: Urth Caffe – Pasadena on Facebook

Evening Fun Activities 

Movies At LAEMMLE – Going back down Colorado Boulevard, towards Vroman’s, there’s a small independent movie theater called LAEMMLE that hosts international films, as well as independent ones and even some blockbuster films. Their popcorn is arguably one of the tastiest in Los Angeles. 

Dinner At Blaze Pizza – Right next to the theater there’s a Blaze Pizza, in case you want to grab some dinner before heading back. The best part about this pizzeria is that you get to decide exactly what you want and watch as they prepare your very own personal pizza right in front of you.

Photo: Blaze Pizza on Facebook

As you can see, Pasadena has a variety of wonderful activities and things to see all over the city. It’s the perfect place to spend your weekend with the family or just some friends. There’s something available for everyone, and the views are stunning. 

By Angelique Brenes 
Featured Photo: Omar Lopez on Unsplash

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