What will the future workplace look like?

As people gradually get used to zoom calls, zero commute time and the moment of a pet walking into the camera, the work-from-home (WHF) lifestyle will soon come to an end. Recalling the remote working/ learning experience, some report a higher productivity and efficiency, while others are struggling with isolation and work-life balance. Although the moment of fully returning to the office is still uncertain, the future workplace will no longer be the same. Here are the three main expected changes. 

Hybrid work environment would be a new normal  

Numerous surveys show that the majority of workers have been accustomed to the WFH lifestyle and have safety concerns associated with returning to office. However, working in the traditional office is believed to have better creativity and smooth conversation without guessing the tones behind the text messages. To find a common ground, most companies will take a hybrid approach in the post-pandemic era to allow employees’ freedom and companies’ shared goals to co-exist. 

Photo: Kristin Wilson on Unsplash

Outdoor work areas would be increased in the future

Adequate safety measures is the premise of returning to office since employees will only be able to be creative, comfortable, and productive in a safe workplace. Aside from social distancing and a more spacious individual’s office, some companies such as Google designed outdoor working space featuring open-air tents and camp-like areas in response to the high contagiousness of the virus in a confined working environment. 

Work-life balance would be harder to achieve

Several studies show that people tend to overwork and experience burnout while working from home as it is difficult to completely stop working at the usual off work hour. This situation is common in many households and deprives the joy and health of remote workers. Therefore, it is essential to design a proper home office, set-up a regular morning routine, avoid answering emails on weekends or before bedtime and incorporate break time during the WFH schedule. 

Written by Irene Chung
Featured Photo: KOBU Agency on Unsplash
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