Healthy Habits- Just 20 Minutes A Day

Just 20 minutes of activity every day can help reduce the risk of heart disease!

Find the time! The benefits are well worth it!

Proven benefits:

– More Energy

– Boosts Brainpower

– Movement Melts Away Stress

– Helps Ward Off Disease


We live in a world where we go and don’t know why; we are busy with things that

are not always as important as we think. Isn’t it time to make YOU a priority?

You are given only one body, taking care of it should not be an option. You are

being called for your mind, body and spirit to be balanced and aligned

so that you may be full of energy and vitality to enjoy the gifts of daily life! 

Don’t you think it’s time?

Wise words sourced from: Health & Wellness Instructor Christine Nation

Additional topic information: DrOz , WebMD


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