Hot Hotels:  Zurich and St. Moritz, Switzerland

Switzerland hotels are just as phenomenal an escape as they sound. 

Yet Switzerland hotels aren’t necessarily out of reach. If you escape the cold winter to a cold(er) destination, it better be somewhere worth the extra bundling. The Giardino hotel properties, in St. Moritz and Zurich, provide the quintessential winter escape where you’ll be surrounded by hot (in all ways but weather, of course).  Here’s our skinny on these two five-star properties:

Hotel Atlantis, Zurich

Fly into Zurich, Switzerland’s capital. Awaiting for you upon arrival will be a suavely dressed driver, greeting you with a smile and a Mercedes or Rolls Royce to whisk you from the stale airport air and into Swiss mountain bliss.

A short drive through Zurich, a city known for its culinary and cultural delights—and of course, the pristine Lake Zurich of the city’s namesake stretching for 40 kilometers, brings you to the metropolitan paradise known as Hotel Atlantis.

Friendly faces will greet you as you check-in—and that will set the tone for the dual professionalism and kindness all guests receive at this five-star property.

The hotel’s lobby is drastically elegant. Hotel Atlantis emanates both stylish Mediterranean vibes and cozy chalet feels.

The hotel is located ten minutes outside of Zurich’s city center and seamlessly serves as a launchpad as there are complimentary shuttle services each day. It’s important to make time to enjoy the shopping and restaurant scene of this lively capital. 

If your intent is to stay in and relax, you’ll have more than enough hotel amenities to keep you entertained.  Hotel Atlantis boasts a luxurious pool and spa area, with a complete Finnish sauna system that perfectly compliments the crisp winter air outside. And doing laps in the pool will give you an appetite to enjoy the hotel’s elegant dining options.

Need a retreat from the big city? The spa at Hotel Atlantis has got you covered.

After all, with two five-star restaurants on-premise, Executive Chef Stefan Heilemann and his team are constantly at work, creating some of the most innovative dishes in Zurich.

Are you an adventurous eater? Ecco boasts a “surprise menu,” where diners can choose to indulge in four or five courses and be amazed at the mysteries whipped up in the kitchen.


The author and her partner used the hotel’s complimentary shuttle to explore Lake Zurich

Hotel Giardino Mountain, St. Moritz

St. Moritz has always been a scene of winter wonderlands, and Hotel Giardino Mountain is no exception. A train journey on the Swiss Rail, reminiscent of the Polar Express, takes guests door-to-door from Giardino’s Zurich property to their stunning St. Moritz location, Hotel Giardino Mountain, in less than four hours total.

The ride itself is out of a Christmas card—hills and mountains juxtapose quaint villages as the train meanders through rural Switzerland’s valleys (and yes, getting a window seat would be ideal!)

Once pulling into the charming St. Moritz train station, you’ll be greeted by one of the hotel’s drivers and swiftly at the property in ten minutes. The St. Moritz hotel shares similarities with her sister property in Zurich in terms of superior levels of service.

However, these two hotels dramatically differ in design and layout. While Hotel Atlantis is one condensed building, Hotel Giardino Mountain –aptly named for fitting snug in slopes of the Albula Alps–is comprised of seven Engadine houses which were extensively restored in 2011 and reopened as a five-star design hotel. 

Mother Nature is undoubtedly showing off in this environment—the hotel is perched at almost 2,000 meters above sea level, snuggly caressed between the Alpine peaks of Corvatesh and Corviglia. For those who enjoy adventurous activities or naturally rejuvenation in nature, there is a pristine lake just 300 meters from the hotel that sits adjacent to a spectacular pine forest.


The author enjoys Nordic skiing with Hotel Giardino Activities (additional charge for 90-minute group lesson)

In the wintertime, by far the busiest time of year for tourism in St. Moritz, locals and foreigners alike enjoy skating and cross-country skiing by the lake.

Though the area is known for its wintertime offerings, locals say they prefer summer in St. Moritz, when they can go swimming and boating on the lake, or explore the maze of trees donning hiking boots.

For those who prefer to relax and enjoy the amenities of the resort instead of heart-palpitating adventures, Hotel Giardino Mountain has got you covered. The dipiù Spa at Hotel Giardino Mountain is a relaxing and immersive experience, with pools, saunas, gyms, massages, and cosmetic options.

In addition to its properties in Zurich and St. Moritz, Giardino also boasts those quintessentially picture-perfect properties in Ascona and Locarno.

The views just meters from Hotel Giardino are hard to beat.

For another LA Style travel guide, written by Olivia, check out her Estonia or South Africa guides! 


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