How Chis Echevarria Changed Men’s Shoe Wear

Chris Echevarria is the founder of Blackstock and Weber ans is changing the men’s shoe industry with his Penny Loafers. Echevarria was born in New Jersey and lived in New York, and later on moved to LA to pursue his business. What makes Echevarria’s brand so unique is that he is all about the quality of the product he puts out. The founder and creative director of Blackstock & Weber said his value for well-produced goods came from his mother. Thus, he brought that lesson to life when he opened his own shoe brand where all the shoes are handmade in England. The materials are imported from Italy and Spain. 

Penny loafers are not usually worn with a variety of garments, however, Echevarria made sure these products can be styled with a range of looks from suits to shorts. He creates versatility with just one product by putting forward a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs.


Echevarria has decided to not partner with retailers; because he wants his brand to have reasonable pricing. When brands partner up with wholesalers, the price of the product increases. However, Echevarria is planning on opening his own retail store very soon. 

Blackstock and Weber have received an enormous amount of support and sales due to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is because of the increased awareness and support for Black-owned businesses. 

Photo: Chris Echevarria on Facebook

Blackstock and Weber is an arbiter of taste, providing an open space for people to learn and mingle, as well as a source of education. He stated that he will be collaborating with big brands and expanding men’s fashion in a unique way.

Echavarria’s shoe wear became popular once men were able to dress it up with a variety of pieces. Sometimes, a product might not be favored because of the way it is presented. When a product is introduced in a way where it gives people the opportunity to express their creativity, it will be a popular item. 

Written by Lidia Teshome
Featured Photo: Chris Echevarria on Facebook
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