Social media is something we use daily. Whether it’s finding out new information or just to look at cute animal videos, social media serves so many purposes. When we look at the impact that it has on our lives, the question of the century is how much can social media truly benefit you or make you happy? 

There are many methods to use social media to benefit not just yourself, but also others. It is up to us and how we use it, just like many other things in life. It’s simply a matter of how you use this tool and that will determine whether it’s “good” or “bad.”

Here are some advantages that social media can provide for you.

1. Social media can create more communication across platforms, which lowers loneliness and allows for new relationships. Through social media, you are able to create connections with anyone around the world, whether it is business or social. “We know that having a strong social network is associated with positive mental health and well-being,” explained one study at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

2. Social media can help individuals establish their own identity. In today’s environment, it might be difficult to define oneself, but social media can aid you in this endeavor. As a result, instead of merely accepting what the world thinks of them, it helps them discover who they are as individuals.

Photo: Djamal Akhmad Fahmi on Unsplash

3. It gives people with mental health disorders a way to communicate their thoughts and seek help from people with similar issues or people within the medical field. 

4. It can boost your creativity and self-esteem. People have found new ways to enhance media posts, which are then liked and commented on by people around the world. It creates a social acceptance that boosts their confidence.

5. It can strengthen relationships by allowing communication with family members or a significant other who are far away. It allows people to locate relationship advice at the click of a button.

Photo: Shingi Rice on Unsplash

Social media has its benefits on your mentality, your relationships, and your motivation. It can help you find new interests, make new friends or lovers, and enhance your happiness. It allows people to inspire others or be inspired themself.

Written by Brandon Gonzalez
Featured Photo: Charles Deluvio on Unsplash
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