Most people are walking in a state of hypnosis. Perhaps you don’t know that you are missing your joy but are experiencing these types of symptoms. How do you even know that you are missing your joy? If you feel any one of these, they are a sign that you have a leak in your joy. Awareness is key. Any one of these three points may reveal a glimpse, the tip of the iceberg to your joy deficit.

  1. There are physical symptoms. Do you have a drop in energy? Do you feel drained and are having difficulty getting out of bed? If so, joy is your solution.
  2. Addictions are a sign. Do you use addictions to mask the emptiness that you feel, trying to create an external state of happiness? Do you use your shopping addiction or perhaps drinking or even exercising to try and cover your leak? Are you resorting to material things to fill the inner/internal gap? If so, joy is your solution.
  3. The stuck feeling. It’s that thing that is hard to put your finger on. Are you feeling stuck, unable to create, imagine or dream about a future that ignites you? Is movement in any direction difficult? If so, joy is your solution.  

There are challenges that life throws at us. As women, we are forced to cope in one way or another, regardless if we have children, a rigorous career, ill family members, struggle with mental health or financial struggles. You will probably just keep going, trying to push through. There is hope. A joy leak is what I am here to help you identify and conquer.

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