How to Work 88 Hours
in an 8-Hour Workday

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What if you were not the only one contributing to the culmination of what hits your bank account every month? Wouldn’t it be spectacular if when load your bank app and click your online piggy bank, the total wasn’t just from your efforts but multiplied by the efforts of an additional 10, 20, or 100 people?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to 1st-grade math quizzes and your favorite teacher, Ms. Ewald. 

“Sarah works 8 hours in one day. 

How many hours of work did Sarah get paid on? “

You may say obviously the answer is 8! Let’s look at another possibility. 

“Jane works 8 hours in one day.

 Jane gets paid on the efforts of 88 hours on that same day.

What is Jane doing that Sarah is not?”

This question haunted me – over and over in my head like that song you can never stop singing, like every Journey song ever written. This is not your regular elementary school math equation. It is viable to get paid on more hours than exist in a day, and it’s within the realms of possibility for you. Just make sure you “Don’t Stop Believin– Hold onto that feeling!” (is it stuck in your head yet?)

Let’s take, for example, a real estate broker. As a broker, you consult, cultivate, captain, and encourage your agents’ fortitude. Those agents then turn around and successfully sell houses, apartment buildings, and breathtaking ocean view lots ( like the one you’ve had your eye on to build your Chip and Joanna Gaines inspired dream home). As you help those agents succeed, you earn a percentage on the revenue the agents produce for being their broker. 


How To Work 88 Hours in an 8 Hour Workday

Let’s say you, the broker, work 8 hours a week, and you have ten agents that also work 8 hours that week producing results. (Notice I didn’t say 8 hours a day – just 8 hours in one week.) 

You the Broker: 8 hours = 8 hours

Your 10 Agents each work 8 hours (8 x 10) = 80 hours 

Total: 88 hours of production contributing to your income

Eighty-eight hours in one week! That would be a pretty heavy load by yourself, but with the right team, the sky, stars, clouds, and moon aren’t even your limits (eat your heart out Elon Musk). Even with one 8 hour work week, you are accomplishing more than DOUBLE what you would’ve accomplished all by yourself working 40 hours for TWO weeks! I don’t know about you, but I like this math a lot!! 

Now let’s get into numbers that once I theorized were achievable, I couldn’t sleep! The possibilities were endless, and I wondered how in the world I never learned this in school! Now, this is the kind of number crunching I can sink my teeth into!

What if each of those ten agents worked 8 hours a day for five days, and you, as the broker, led by example and put in the same 8 hours a day? 

One Week’s Hours: 8 hours x 5 days = 40 hours

Broker: 40 hours

10 agents x 40 hours = 400 hours

Total: 440 hours in a one week

Yes, that’s 440 hours of work in that one week contributing to YOUR paycheck! For you to do that on your own, working 8 hours a day, it would take you FIFTY-FIVE days!!! Almost TWO MONTHS working 8 hours a day, seven days a week with almost no days off to accomplish the same thing you could achieve working one regular 40-hour week with your ten agents. Imagine the sheer volume of calls, sales, and goals crushed with an extra 400 hours a week contributing to your dreams!

Imagine the range of scenarios at your fingertips!

What if instead of 10 agents, you had 100 in the example above? Well . . . when using 100 instead of 10 in those numbers, you get to add a comma to the total!! 

When you multiply that many hours in one day by multiplicating efforts, you can imagine how some people can accomplish $36,000 a month while others work 40 hours a week for $36,000 a year. You could almost say, “Wow . . . you had a really great year this month!”

Now that you know this is obtainable, what are your options to get paid 88 hours in an 8-hour workday?

Real Estate

Many real estate companies groom every agent to become a broker, so every person onboard has the same amount to gain and grow! 

Insurance Agencies

The insurance industry also maintains the broker and agent financial model. You also earn residual or recurring income in insurance; see more on this in my last article, Make Money While You Sleep

Owning a traditional business

Those that own businesses have the capability of generating substantial income, as they are dependent on the efforts of 10, 500, 5,000, etc. Imagine you love baking, and your family has passed down secret recipes. You take the plunge and launch, Susie Cakes, scrumptious and delectable cupcakes, and your brand goes nationwide. You can’t be in every state across the US simultaneously, so you hire employees. You are leveraging the efforts of all of those hours multiplied through your leadership team, employees, and franchisees. 

Salon Owner

Includes lash studios, massage therapists, estheticians, etc. Many of these professionals work as independent contractors. As the owner, you host the location by supplying individual rooms or stations therapists pay a fee to rent. This often includes a portion of the overall profits, thus multiplying the owner’s income by the number of successful therapists, hairstylists, estheticians, etc. The owner may also provide the advertising, customer support, front desk, supplies, credit card processing, etc. creating a strong foundation for the therapists to thrive. 

Direct Selling Companies/ Affiliate Brands or Hybrid Models

These models allow you to generate income on sales/customers you bring in and also make income or revenue share through customers others bring. While you aren’t earning money dollar for dollar or hour for hour, the more affiliates – even if it’s a 10% contribution – it adds up faster than you could by yourself. 

Open your mind to the unimaginable, and one day you will realize what you imagined wasn’t so unthinkable after all. There are thousands of books that opened my eyes, here’s a list of favorites: Wealth & Wealth-Building.  

Dream big and find ways to accomplish more and always always look for ways to multiply your efforts. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, start thinking about what could go right. When you don’t know where to begin, grateful is a great place to start. 



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