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Q: Where were you born? City of San Clemente  

Q) Favorite Quote: You have two hands for a reason. Build with one and fight with the other. Taken from the Bible as a loose translation.

Q) What inspired you to create your own company? Tell us about your journey. I wanted to be the change I saw in companies and be able to hire and lead people in a different way.  Once I realized it was up to me to control my faith, creating a business becomes a no brainer. No one will take care of you or cares in business. I am striving to be a business owner who does care more about the people of the business over money.

Q) What was the thing that pushed you to get started? 
We grew up struggling with money. It was always there but just enough for us to know we needed more. I always wish I had more like other people and knew one day I would work for it.  

Q) Share your why. I want to be seen as the change. Latinos are still somewhat seen negative, especially in California. I want to be the change the world needs and not just talk about it. If people are starving, I will help feed them. If there are people who need help getting past an illness, I want to be there to help as well. I do not believe in raising awareness. I believe in action.  

Q) How have you refocused during the COVID pandemic? I have slowed down a lot and realized it is not the amount I get done, but how effective what I get done is. It was explained to me as “be a sniper, not someone who is shooting a machine gun.” 

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Marketing Hunters CEO Ruben Alvarez

Q: You do podcasts? You can see them on Youtube and Spotify.

Q) Do you have a philosophy that has been a part of your secret to success?  I have been waiting for this question. The secret sauce is simple. Don’t be an idiot. Plain and simple. Everyone knows greed is bad. If you make more money, then your employees should. If you ask more of your employees, then pay more. If you want new customers, do not harass them. Just like you like fast and accurate results, so do your customers. I strongly believe when you put money over people, you are bound to lose. I think it’s simple. Don’t be an idiot. People tend to do the opposite of what they need to. They are greedy and don’t pay their employees, they do things for money instead of expansion, people choose customers over employees. Just small mistakes can destroy them. Once we put our egos aside, we start to really grow.  

Q) Do you have a lesson that you learned immediately that you want to share with other entrepreneurs? Take risks. Money is to spend on smart things first, then on fun. $1,000 in drinks or $1,000 in a business should be a simple choice. Stop complaining about people in your life and the circumstances. Either you are in control or you are giving up your control to other people. It is a lot harder to be an example than you think. Almost immediately you are put in a position of leadership and need to conduct yourself right. If an employee is late, do you scream at them? If so, you need to check yourself and ask if the mistake they made is really that bad or if it just going to make you feel better? We are meant to lead, not bark orders.  

Q) How makes your business different from the many others? We focus on long term growth and positioning our clients as the leaders in their sector. Most people realize that lead generation is important, but without brand attached to leads, you get beat up on price. Our clients have long term goals and see the light in 1 to 10 years rather than on today.

Q: Do you have any routines that help you stay grounded? Align myself with God. I need to believe every morning that He is All. Without him, I am lost. All other habits and rituals are usually smaller compared to that.  
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Q) Who would you say has influenced you the most? Grant Cardone. He was the first one to make me believe what I knew about myself and he really ignited the spark in my life. I believe happiness comes from doing.  Tim Grover for being tough on me. Eric Thomas for screaming at me through a screen. Ha.

Q) What are you passionate about creating for yourself in the next 5 years: I am building a community for people with ambitious dreams and creating a movement in which I can lead and inspire people to do more right in this world.

Q) Do you have any big wins in business that you want to share? Putting together my first virtual business conference at the end of May and all proceeds will go to help women with breast cancer. I knew I wanted to help with cause one day and now that it is happening it makes me extremely happy.  

Q: How do you balance work life and family life? I have come to put strict boundaries on what I am willing to sacrifice. I do not think people have their priorities straight and when the family leaves due to someone overworking, they regret working so hard. I know my family is worth more than all the money in the world, so if they tell me I am working too much, then I must be and bring it back in. 

Q) Random thing that people don’t know about you. I like the word undeniable a lot.  Something about it. There is no feeling attached to it. You just can’t deny someone or something for some reason. 


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