Invest In Yourself For 2023 — Live Out Loud!

Can you believe it’s the beginning of 2023? Looking back to the many things last year had to offer, one recap to look back on is the Live Out Loud 2022 event.

If you are still looking to start the new year right— we have the perfect suggestion for you! Invest in yourself by joining the Live Out Loud Ignite monthly membership by clicking here. It’s a dynamic program led by powerhouse Brooke Thomas

If you’re curious and want to know more, here is a look behind the scenes of this powerful community, through this recap of the 2022 Live Out Loud event: 


Off the coast of sunny southern California, bright skies, glistening waves, and a serene Mountain View set the atmosphere for the spiritual awakening waiting to occur at the annual Live Out Loud 2022 event hosted at the luxurious Ritz Carlton Laguna Beach. Women from across the globe came together for this 3-day event in anticipation to learn, connect and grow both in their businesses and their personal lives. 

Previous to the event’s kick-off day, an intimate reception was held on the outside lawn where individuals were welcomed, met and connected overlooking the North Pacific Ocean at sunset. 

Live Out Loud mornings held transformational group workouts presented by Burn Boot Camp and powerful worship led by Meredith Andrews. Then, the event kicked off with prodigious speakers sharing their testimonials that led them out of the dark to the life they are living today. The event MCs included Roshanda Pratt and Elyse Murphy, and the incredible speaker lineup featured included CEO and Founder of Live Out Loud Brooke Thomas, Marshawn Evans Daniels, Ruth Fernandez, Thea Wood, Shari Shula, Morgan Kline, Gilda Green, Tresa Todd, Keri Wilson Irvine, Jaime Cross, Lisa Bevere, Katie Quesada, Brodie Pierson, Emily Ford, Heather Torres, Rachelle Francey, Sarah Robbins and Tricia Love Vargas

Oceanfront dining offered locally sourced cuisine for lunch with a view and fresh air to encapsulate the emotions brought out from the empowering conversations held. 

Guests enjoyed spontaneous gifting throughout the event that was coined “Ah Ha” moments by Shari Shula with the Joey James Bags, Keri Wilson Irvine with her Goldsheep Athletic Wear and Jamie Cross with her Herbal Alchemy x Lip Out Loud Lip Moisturizer. The first night closed off with an exclusive L.A. STYLE VIP Dinner at the Terrace Salon Balcony of the Ritz Carlton Laguna. 

Day Two led almighty baptisms in the Pacific Ocean, individuals regenerated and spiritualized themselves in the body of water signifying rebirth and new beginnings. 

The Live Out Loud event created long-lasting friendships, community and new beginnings. To be connected to the Live Out Loud Community and their next event click here


About the Founder:

Brooke Thomas is an entrepreneur, faith-based business coach and elite business strategist who lives a purpose-driven, passion-based life. With a goal to encourage other women to live their best lives through personal growth, business, family and faith, she developed Live Out Loud, a community of power-driven women working together to turn their pain into purpose. Through Live Out Loud she has multiple masterminds, a membership-based coaching program, a podcast and her faith-based non-profit organization, Love Out Loud. Brooke is a powerhouse making magic happen and bringing people together in hopes to make the world a better place through the love of Jesus. 


To stay connected with Brooke and Live Out Loud get started today with the Live Out Loud Ignite monthly membership by clicking here. You can also be a part of the Live Out Loud community by subscribing to their podcast


Written by: Marianna Garcia 



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