During times of stress, chaos, and uncertainty, we are presented with an opportunity. COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, individuals faced with the decline of their businesses, strained relationships, and even feeling conflicted with ourselves in regards to what or how to feel at all provide the chance to look at how we are having these conversations with ourselves and also those around with us. Is it time to request support?

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It may be the essential time to really be with ourselves in deep reflections. It may be time for you to request support from a professional. Whether it is a spiritual guide, a respected mentor, or a life coach, I would ask you to dig deep to consider if there are resources that you can tap into to support your peace of mind and expansion (spiritual and material/financial).

Let’s go through a few points that may support you in reflection on whether it is a good time to work a source outside of yourself.

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Is it time to request support?

  1. What would you like to be different in your life? 
  2. How do you navigate transitions and decisions? Would you be supported in learning more about how you do this and how you would like to do this? 
  3. What is your conversation around your path to spiritual growth and finding purpose? Are you tapped into this as you would like? 
  4. How does your BEING create and improve your relationships and patterns (habits, fears)? Do you feel equipped to overcome any obstacles in your way? 
  5. Do you feel prepared to best manage stress and reduce noise in your life? 
  6. How would you like to be remembered? Are you walking in this light currently? 
  7. What results would you like to create in working with a coach? 
  8. How do you identify with the world when you have success and challenges? 
  9. What practices are in place in your life that do not support your creation of your 10-life? 
  10. How do you take responsibility or not take responsibility for all things in your life?

What is on the other side of you?

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What’s next you may ask? You are powerful beyond measure and are exactly where you need to be. Read more about creating a conversation with yourself with the thoughtful Morgan Hardman. Feel free to contact me with a message to discuss resources and how I can support you.


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