The accomplished comedian, actress, bold female extraordinaire and author, debuts her fictional novel “The Delusion of Cinderella,” tackling the sexy story of a young woman who has found her prince charming. In his abandoning her, it leaves her damaged and emotionally broken. An excerpt from her novel gives a taste of her narrative in discovering a woman’s lessons in love and deep friendship. 

Excerpt from: “The Delusion of Cinderella”

“There’s that point in our lives when we know things will never be the same. Sometimes, change can send us spiraling out of control. Having Dre in my life sent me swirling around like a fairy high on pixie dust. I had never felt so incredibly loved and complete…”

“I remember once she told me that in order to have a fulfilled relationship, there are three main components that every woman thinks she needs to be complete… ‘Honey, if you can find a man that will stimulate your mind, arouse your body, and evoke emotion within your soul, then maybe you’ve got something.’”


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