Luxe decor, networking, and special guest – billionaire real estate mogul Elena Cardone – were the highlights of the L.A. STYLE Magazine Real Estate Mixer event on September 15th, 2021. The event took place at Timothy Oulton, a British furniture retail gallery that features daring yet timeless pieces. This handcrafted, modern and luxurious retail gallery embellished the atmosphere where like-minded high-profile business professionals connected to discuss the latest real estate innovations.

With goals to have the largest most successful real estate team worldwide, Elena Cardone partnered up with L.A. STYLE Magazine Publisher Tricia Love Vargas in inviting those interested in building generational wealth through residual income to join their team.

They presented the contemporary and non-traditional way to excel in real estate through eXp realty: one of the world’s fastest-growing brokerages that connects worldwide through a cloud-based platform. Providing an opportunity to unlock millions of dollars in income all while expanding your skills and developing your own business.

Through a powerful presentation, event guests initiated questions that sparked inspiration, business and connections. Ryan Blair, Adriana Gallardo, Richard Martinez, Daniel Alonzo, Daphne Pinkney and Jennifer Hernandez were some among other leaders in attendance. The event completed with champagne and individuals that were ready to 10X their Real Estate career.

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Ivan Rothman
Daniel Alonzo
Vic Antyunyan & Melanie Gasparyan
Ashley Nadine
Daphne Pinkney
Paris Pinkney
Richard Martinez, Elena Cardone, Adriana Gallardo
Written by Marianna Reyes
Photos: L.A. STYLE Magazine | Sammy Santillano
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