L.A. Taco Pairing the Latest News with the Tastiest Tacos

Los Angeles is known for many things, including celebrities, fashion, sunshine weather and undoubtedly tacos. Much like San Diego and other coastal cities along the border, tacos are a staple for L.A. Street tacos, birria, fish tacos, carne asada tacos, you name it, nearly every Mexican food restaurant has it. 

If you come to LA and leave without getting tacos, can you even say you came? Tacos are everywhere, just like the news, and this digital newsroom is connecting the two in a tasty and exciting way.

Photo: Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

L.A. Taco is the perfect place to get recommendations on the best tacos in L.A. and offer readers the latest news in the community. Although I am not from L.A., I regularly read their stories to get the latest scoop on art, music and, of course, tacos. 

A few of their recent stories include Kobe Bryant’s death, Amanda Gorman stealing the show at the presidential election and how homeless individuals are dying at higher rates in L.A. Since all of these stories display a different aesthetic, I think is important to have in an independent digital newspaper, style, tenacity and class.

Photo: L.A. Taco Instagram

I came across this digital newspaper after attending a conference with Los Angeles Times journalists. Attendees discussed the power the up-and-coming platform L.A. taco is having on the community and beyond. As someone who is passionate about tacos and journalism, I found it refreshing and exciting to see them combine beautifully together.

Photo: L.A. Taco Instagram

Their stories are authentic and driven because they offer a great platform for journalists to reevaluate what kind of work they are putting out into the media space. In the future, I plan on writing for this publication and get some bomb tacos along the way.

Written by Anissa Durham
Featured Photo: Krisztian Tabori on Unsplash
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