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Leadership is an essential skill in today’s work-driven culture. However, becoming a leader requires practice, perseverance and guidance. Luckily, there are several podcasts that could help you become a more aspiring, effective leader. Here are four podcasts you should give a listen to:

TED Business

Modupe Akinola, the hostess of this podcast, is an educator and a business professional. She has devoted her career to advising global organisations on their leadership abilities. While her podcast is a collection of inspiring ideas and stories from the business world, it goes way beyond that. In this podcast, Akinola invites renowned professionals to discuss various topics, including the neurological benefits of exercise and the power of habit. If you are interested in personal development, this podcast is for you.

John Maxwell Leadership Podcast

John Maxwell, a speaker, writer and pastor, knows a thing or two about leadership. His podcast teaches you how to be a transformational figure who can influence people to act, think and speak to change their lives and of others. Indeed, Maxwell’s podcast provides a practical and inspiring method to build leadership skills and foster personal growth.  

Photo: Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Dare to Lead

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do. – Brene Brown

Unsurprisingly, the woman who said this is also the brilliant mind behind one of the best leadership podcasts! The host Brené Brown, a New York Times bestseller, invites some of the greatest leaders and talks about service, family and creativity. Furthermore, Brown engages her listeners by discussing timely topics and having insightful conversations with professionals. Her podcasts encourage listeners to view leadership through various lenses.

LEADx Leadership Podcast with Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse is an American Historian and a New York Times bestseller. In this show, Kruse tries to show the connection between wholehearted leadership and extreme productivity. This podcast is a collection of thoughts and advice from the world’s best leadership experts, who have written about their personal experiences with self-growth. Undoubtedly, this podcast is a great option for people who aim to gain valuable leadership skills for their professional life.  

Written by Saniya Patel
Featured Photo: Kate Oseen on Unsplash
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