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sustainable k-beauty

K-Beauty is a wide market that you may just have not known about. There is no question that K-Pop is a trend that anyone can love, but how about the colorful combination of both K-Pop and sustainable beauty paired together?

Here are K-beauty brands that you will want to play with.

These eco-friendly Korean brands will make you a friend to the environment, while also creating your fabulous natural glow.

Many of the K-Pop dance and music idols and artists appear to have perfect skin and makeup, influencing their fans to use the beauty products they promote. Stomping on past trends, K-beauty is about knowing the importance of not only looking good but also feeling good inside and knowing you’re making a difference.




Purito Purito


Saturday Skin


Thank You, Farmer




E Nature

Where can you start with K-Beauty?

As you can see from our list, there are many K-Beauty brands that are on the shelves to get behind. It is easy to get lost in the many brands that are out there. We recommend you have fun and experiment!

sustainable k-beauty
Photo: Ron Lach on Pexels

Benefits of going sustainable

These brands are amazing not just because they’re not tested on animals – they also use entirely vegan-friendly ingredients and materials. Even the packaging gets points on being sustainable! From going paperless to using less energy, these brands also speak of green values and a greener lifestyle.

Even with top beauty brands like MAC cosmetics, the lesser-known Korean brands have become a mainstay. The discovery of a better sustainable brand is becoming the norm.

sustainable k-beauty
Photo: Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

Why use K-beauty and sustainable beauty?

Sustainable beauty is products or manufacturers that do not harm the environment and create less pollution. It seems logical that such environmentally sustainable K-beauty brands are making waves for their environmental friendliness. They are making an impression on many beauty fanatics and users. Nowadays, with so many, there has come a time where living a green lifestyle is more popular than ever.

By Veronica Felipe
Featured Photo: Aiony Haust on Unsplash

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