Linda Peaches
The Timeless and Talented Singer is in a new Era of Success

She has recorded seven albums, toured the world, nominated for a Grammy, graced Harper’s BAZAAR, appeared on “Soul Train” and “American Bandstand,” and made music history as the first African-American woman to perform in mainland China. As a dynamic duo, Peaches & Herb sold over 9 million albums. Now in 2020, Tavani is ready to reunite with her millions of fans around the world as a solo artist. On tour, she is introducing new music featuring her energetic, soulful voice, and she is ready to share a message of love and positivity with the world.

How does it feel to have a new release? 

I am more excited than ever about my first solo single, “How Many Times.” I wrote this song out of a personal experience, and I am thrilled that it is up for Grammy consideration and has over 30,000 plays on Spotify. 

What can your audience expect? 

My audiences can expect to hear all of my greatest hits in concert and a ton of new ones! I also love to perform some of the classics from personal friends that are still with us or from those that we lost too soon, like Tina Turner and Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer and David Bowie. I love the freedom that I have as a solo artist to perform and record all styles of music because artists are no longer locked into just one type of song or rhythm. I want my audience to be able to put on one of my songs to help them get through a bad time, celebrate a good time, seal their love, and of course dance! I am very excited about headlining for events such as the one I did at the fabulous Vibrato Jazz and Grill; it was a romantic evening filled with my favorite songs and delicious food; I promise when I perform it is a perfect night for music lovers. Plus, this event was on the eve of my 32nd wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day 2020!

Why do you think “Shake Your Groove Thing” and “Reunited” have lasted?  

I am amazed that these songs are in movies, TV shows, commercials, and are played all around the world every day! From the very beginning of my Peachy experience recording these epic songs, there was something undeniably positive happening during the whole session. It was important to the writers that they choose exactly the right duo to sing them. These songs still have a tune to dance to and are songs with no color lines or regard for our differences. My hits are appreciated in almost every lifestyle and age group globally. Suddenly, people were relating and connecting with each other simultaneously all over the world. My life went from how to wow! I believe it was a message of love from God’s heart about what it means to experience harmony, love, peace and joy. That’s what it should feel like in our world.

What’s the secret to keeping your glow?

The secret to my glow is from my being: being loving, being loved in return, and being sincerely comfortable in my own skin. I get my rest, I walk the Rose Bowl with a friend, and I use music to dance away the blues regularly. I love God, life, and music. That’s why I’ll never lose my groove. I use coconut oil on my skin and drink lots of water with collagen daily. When I enter a room, love also enters. I consider myself an ambassador of God’s love living in my heart. I am glad to have been spared from almost taking my own life due to embarrassing mistakes and things I had done. God gave me a second chance, and it has made me youthful, useful, and happier than ever. My marriage and my family life keep me laughing and going strong. I know I glow when I smile a lot. Smiling alone keeps me young and takes ten years of age off my face. I know that a confident smile can also be the beginning of happiness. 


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