Strength, bodybuilding, zumba, weightlifting, vendors and more fitness leisure took place at the Los Angeles Fit Expo on May 20th and May 21st in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Over 50,000 vendors, athletes, and wellness enthusiasts came together to bring guests an experience of a lifetime. Over the weekend, the Odd Haugen Strength Classic, Ultimate Athletic Boot Camp, Dream Jiu Jitsu, USPA Powerlifting, Epic Series Obstacle, Group Training Zone, MAX REPS 4 CA$H, The Fittest Couple Model Search and Best Body Parts contests took place. Amongst the competitions was shopping, group training, a healthy eating pavilion, canine stars stunt dog show, inflatable bounce houses for kids, a pickle ball exhibition and much more.

Celebrities such as Dana Linn Bailey, Rob Bailey, Billy Blanks, Big Boy, Jay Cutler, Starr Hawkins, Phil Heath, Brandon Hendrickson, Kaili Muscle, Sugar Shawn Ray and Julian Smith provided seminars, training tips and one-on-one experiences with their fans. The atmosphere of the weekend illustrated funk music, laughs and a large group of individuals connecting with others using one common factor: Fitness and wellness.

The forefront of the Los Angeles Fit Expo were the 100+ brands that brought their athletic gears and wellness tips into practice. Here is a list of some of the LA Fit Expo Brands that were showcased:


About the brand: “Each pastry has 20g of protein, 180 calories, and just 5g net carbs. Finally, a low carb, keto snack with all the delicious sweet cinnamon sugar flavor you know and love :) Enjoy it lightly microwaved or straight out of the wrapper. Your Legendary experience awaits.”


About the brand: “WOLFpak is a functional athletic backpack brand dreamt up by body-building enthusiast and family man out of Southern California.”


About the brand: “S’moo is a woman’s health brand focused on balancing hormones, while in turn, improving mood, energy, skin, hair health and more!” 

Perfy Superfood Soda

About the brand: “Superfood soda enhanced with nootropics + adaptogens & only 3g-4g sugar per can.”


About the brand: “RawGear is the people’s brand. RawGear is not just a fitness brand, we are a company that wants you as individuals to be “fit” in every aspect of life. We make products of the latest trends and with exceptional quality #letsgetbettertogether”

DNA Hair Tools

About the brand: “DNA is a brand inspired by the women leading, empowering, and redefining the rules of beauty, gender and society. We have embarked on a journey to discover, create, and produce products that fit your lifestyle and hair goals.”


About the brand: “By sharing just how nutritious, and delicious, organic ingredients without artificial additives can be, it is our sincere hope to establish wholesome traditions today that will empower health-conscious generations of tomorrow.”

C4 Energy

About the brand: “Whether it’s the 6 am lifting session, that extra squat rep, or that evening crossfit class after your 10-hour workday, there’s a C4 pre-workout formulated just for you.”

Keto Culture

About the brand: “The ketogenic diet, or “keto” for short, promotes low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating that creates a state of ketosis in the body; featuring bread that is only 80 calories for two slices!”

JAG Provisions

About the brand: “Jennifer and Garry are on a mission to provide healthy, convenient, and delicious solutions for everyday food occasions to consumers.”


About the brand: “You test. You train. You recover. And  then you do it all over again. JAWKU was created to maximize your athletic performance with advanced technologies to support all of it.”


About the brand: “BLINK.PRO is a fitness training device that allows your psychomotor skills to reach their peak performance. This means, improving physical movements associated with conscious cognitive processing.”


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