Los Angeles – We are Stronger Together!

Pulling in and reaching out to these LA wellness resources during this unprecedented time allows a wealth of wellness opportunities to be a better you!

As a Los Angeles WBENC small business owner at Meraki Fitness, we are always talking with our clients about self-care.  By being healthy within ourselves, we are able to be present and of better service to others.  We believe there is strength in community and that by building up a strong support system around us we are all able to benefit.  With the recent COVID-19 crisis, social distancing, and self-quarantine, we are able to experience unprecedented opportunities for an undetermined amount of time.   What you do during this experience will define how and where you are as we ease into our new and undefined norm.

Meraki Fitness Personal Training

COACHING:  Every great athlete has a coach.  With so many unknowns, having the skills to define your first steps doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Coaching is a great way to have an unattached person see your unrealized potentials and guide you through the steps to create a plan, execute, and continuously refine.  Coaching, which looks more towards the future, is different than therapy, which looks more at what has happened to you in the past.  Los Angeles offers many different types of coaches with a wide range of credentials.  Meraki Fitness has ICF International Coaching Federation coaches that are able to work with individuals and Executives to reach their dreams and live a fulfilled life.  

SELF-CARE:  We all know we should exercise, sleep and eat well, and try to stay positive, but do we know how?   Exercise, meditation, nutrition, and sleep are key factors in self-care.  By making these a priority, we are able to be more solid and available for all that life sends our way.   Having a self-care wellness goal, making a plan, and working on the steps each day make these things more manageable than rushing to lose the ten extra quarantine pounds you’ve gained since March.  Making self-care a priority now, a lifestyle, will save you time in the long run with less stress, costly doctor visits, and more.  

INVEST IN YOURSELF:  Most coaches will help you learn a great way to have self-care is to invest in yourself.  What does that mean?  Many of us have the gift of time right now, being at home more than ever.  Spending some time thinking about what interests you have, earning an industry certification to make you more marketable, a new technology application for free in LinkedIn, or learning a new language for that trip you want to plan soon through Eat Speak Travel or Duolingo, are all great ways to invest in yourself for fulfillment and purpose.

STRONGER TOGETHER:  We have so many ways to connect with technology now through Zoom or other video meeting services.  We have an unlimited number of MeetUps, support groups, and new ways of networking like the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.  Being of services is a beautiful way to get out of your own head.  Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken with for a while and say hello.  You may be the best thing that has happened to them that day.  

Wellness is a lifestyle for mind and body balance.  Streamlining your efforts to maximize your potential will ultimately make a better you and a better community.  Utilizing a coach to determine how to get started, taking steps to improve self-care, investing in yourself, and growing a community benefits everyone.  We are stronger together and our health will continue to help pull us out of this current environment even better!

Anna Stavaridis is a Professional Speaker, Founder, and CEO of Meraki Fitness helping clients achieve their wellness from within in any space, any place.


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