With summer right around the corner, the beauty industry promotes various new makeup looks and trends, including minimalistic makeup, bright-colored blushes, and colorful eyeliner. While brands like Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty, and Charlotte Tilbury have been trending amongst consumers, here are five makeup trends for you to try out this season. 

  1. Bright Cream Blushes 

The summertime calls for all things bright and colorful in the makeup world. Bright cream blushes are trending and are predicted to be still trending during the next season. Looking for the perfect cream blush? Check out the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush by Rare Beauty or the Dew Blush by Saie! 

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  1. Natural, Slicked Back Eyebrows 

While a more defined and arched brow was trending in past years, 2022 has introduced a new brow look that is cleaner and natural. This look consists of lightly filling in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and then using some clear eyebrow gel to brush your eyebrows back. 

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  1. Colorful Eyeliner 

Vibrant colors are definitely part of the makeup trends we’ll be seeing this year. Many makeup artists and fanatics are incorporating colorful eyeliners into their looks for the spring/summer. If you’re looking to expand your eyeliner collection, brands like Nyx, Urban Decay, and Lancôme have great options for creamy, vibrant colored eyeliners.

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  1. Sparkly, Glossy Lips

Tired of matte lipsticks? This season is switching it up. More brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Revolution Beauty are advertising their new and sparkly lip glosses that are lightweight and perfect for a more natural makeup look. 

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  1. The ‘Clean and Effortless’ Look

Last but certainly not least, the beauty industry is now shifting towards more natural and clean looking makeup looks. By combining all the trends listed above (cream blushes, natural eyebrows, colorful eyeliners, and lip glosses), more people are going for a minimal makeup look or a no-makeup-makeup look that looks effortless but still very put together.

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Written by: Kristine Bakker


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