Manny Halley, Steps Into Film Space With A Bang

The Insider Perspective
Manny Halley, CEO of Imani Media Group

Q: How did you get started in the industry? “At the age of 18, I started when I discovered and managed the rapper known as SHYNE. I took him to be a platinum artist.  I then managed my second artist, singer and actress, Keyshia Cole.  I then produced over 75 TV shows on BET called ‘The Way It Is.’ Next, I went on to work with many other top-notch professionals such as Nicki Minaj and Young Thug to name a few.  I started my film company and financed and produced a motion picture called ‘True to the Game.’ I self-distributed this film and did deals with Netflix, BET, Sony, AMC, Regal to name a few outlets.”

Q: What is your philosophy on success? “My winning formula is to never give up.” 
Q: Current projects you are working on? “Wheezy Beats the producer, and films True to the Game 2, Dutch and Nicole Bell Story.”
Q: What has been your biggest milestone? “My greatest milestone has been rebranding myself from music mogul to the movie industry. I am living my dream of producing my first movie as it came to fruition True to the Game.”
Q:  Can you share your biggest ah-ha moment in your career? “I realized that I could do everything that a studio can do. From funding, marketing, producing and distributing a film. I learned each step along the way.”
Q: Do you have a favorite project? Definitely, my initial dream, vision and ultimate decision to be in the movie business has been my favorite so far. I am realizing that even amidst the darkest hour, by staying true to my values, my faith, and always maintaining my character, I will always come out on top.”
Q: What is your advice to your younger self? “God always has a way out. In order to find that way out, we might have to change our perspective. Never give up on your dreams. Always remember to keep your dreams bigger than your fears!”
Q: What do you attribute your success to? “I attribute my victories first and foremost to my faith. I know that we have been given the power to make the right choices and when we live in accordance with that trust that has been bestowed upon us, we will have additional power for life. Second, a lot of hard work and being able to manage disappointments. Third, falling forward – knowing mistakes will be made but also knowing that failure is just a price we pay to achieve success. I have the ability to get back up, persevere and try again until I succeed.”
Q: What advice do you have for young producers? “You will need a lot of energy. You will be spending a lot of time both on the back end and in the forefront. Be willing to do whatever it takes, wherever it takes you, for whoever you are managing (providing of course it is within the moral, ethical and legal boundaries). Expect long hours and sacrifice, but given all of that, and possibly more, you can succeed.”
Q: What is next for you? “I’m transitioning into film production because for as long as I can remember, it has always been my dream to be in the movie industry. I just never had time because I was so engulfed in managing phenomenally talented people for the past two decades. This is truly the beginning of fulfilling my lifelong dream.”


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