How the Modern Family Meal Preps

I recently had the joy to share a few thoughts in a woman’s coaching group that I participate in. This woman was up to big things and also increasing her health goals … It can be a lot to take on at one time … She wanted to learn more about she could support her family while also taking care of herself.

Work smarter, not harder!

Who hasn’t been down this path to health and wealth and darn food prep? It seems they are all connected.

This is what I knew …

(1) She has a teenage son who she can’t seem to feed enough.

(2) She was on a budget.

(3) She had been down this path before, which is why meal prep was so important.

What I can say about this from a life coach perspective is this. When beginning a new habit, no matter what your previous experience has been, your mindset is what will determine your success. More importantly, this present moment is what matters and the past does not dictate your present or future, unless if you allow it to.

Addressing your meal prep attitude in a different way is going to get you results!

“I heard what you said about what your family is needing which sounds like bulk.”

I used to be a personal trainer (and am still certified) and recently had my breast implants removed (long story) … My partner and I also went vegan 6 months ago after seeing some pretty heavy documentaries on a road trip after my surgery.

Overnight we were amazed at how we didn’t need meat anymore, and I felt a surge of energy that I really, really needed. I share that because I have had the gamut of experiences with my own health and fitness so I feel pretty confident in sharing and sending you love in your journey.

Meal prep Guide Tip

Here is the Minimalist Baker whose recipes are all less than 10 ingredients in less than 30 minutes. Dana, the creator makes recipes and food prep easy!

Photo: Ella Olsson from Pexels

Vegan recipe

Disclaimer: Everyone has Their own Meal Prep that Works for Them

This is what feels good for me when I am in my flow, AND I also feed my amazing boyfriend loads of spaghetti. It’s his happy food, and it takes 5 minutes to prepare. I let go of trying to be the perfect partner when I realize my sanity and energy conservation is critical. I acknowledged that there will be time to make ultra healthy meals and with fancy details for him … In the meantime –

Plus, if the man wants spaghetti, I am going to give it to him!

This philosophy is just mine. It is not the only one or the perfect one. I get that this may not land for everyone as I am not a mom yet. Also, I acknowledge that this is not perfected yet so pardon the easy carb options.
All of these are interchangeable using my leftover method to max out the main ingredient. I will either bulk prep on a Sunday or just make tons of the ingredient and use it later in the week.

Here is a Theme a Day for your Meal Prep

NOT Vegan as I created this specifically for this woman’s family. Every day has a vegan option though.

  1. Mondays is soup and salad days: Boil sweet potatoes also or regular potatoes and blend with coconut milk, vegetable broth, crushed red pepper, salt, fresh parsley and any of your other favorite ingredients. I buy the already made salads, which are really quick. You can add an easy ready-made garlic bread to add some bulk or even ready-made meatballs to the bread for an extra meal for the fam. I mass-produce the yummy soup and freeze it as I feel the urge to have some. *Pro tip: keep 1/2 to make mash potatoes later in the week.
  2. Taco Tuesdays: Use lettuce boats as a substitute for the burritos/tacs for a healthy option for yourself. I would double up on the turkey meat or protein to be reused another night for burritos or quesadillas or a shepherd’s pie (which you can make enough for like 2 weeks and is a great easy to reheat option).
  3. Wednesday: Fish of your choice and meatballs for the fam and those sweet potatoes from Monday to make mash sweet potatoes (if you dislike the sweet ones, regular potatoes also double for the soup and mash. 
  4. Thursday is a Thai stir fry … Do a completely veggie option for yourself as you can easily add tons of yummy veggies (I use red cabbage, broccoli, carrots, spinach). You can actually buy this really easily in the frozen aisle or make it homemade if you are feeling inspired. I also don’t feel guilty for pan-frying this with a healthier oil as I am eating so many veggies in this dish lol. You can add chicken or another protein. We add tofu.
  5. Fridays: Pizza night (vegan pizza is an option). It’s a welcoming cheat meal and easy to do. (Don’t treat food as though you should be scared of it.)
  6. Weekend: Do whatever is left over and/or a super fast homemade ramen with coconut milk, veggie broth, mushrooms, whatever protein you want (we do tofu). This can also be done in bulk and pulled out during the week and frozen for longer term use.

Plan for desserts!

Apple Crisp Recipe

Make homemade dessert as a family! I make a dessert once in a while cause I get to live too.

 Here is my favorite apple crisp. 

It’s a fun activity for the fam, will bring happy and healthy memories around a sweet favorite and also bring some consciousness into the conversation with your kids. For example, instead of using whatever ingredients and when you are using the healthy alternative, tell your kids, teach them and allow them to have fun with food that most adults have a negative relationship with. In moderation and with exercise in your life, you get to enjoy and live with freedom. That is my invitation to you.

Why plan for desserts?

Why NOT plan for them is my response?

If you enjoy this type of conscious and mindful creation conversation, my story may interest you.

Featured image credit: Jimmy Dean on Unsplash


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