Fall is here and we are bringing you the best fall trends to keep you looking in style. Men’s fashion is booming with new styles and ways to keep you warm. Here are six pieces of clothing to add to your fall looks! 

Sweater Vests

Photo: ASOS on Facebook

This is probably Grandpa’s favorite clothing piece to see their younging in. Sweater vests help to keep you warm but cool at the same time. They can go along with your long sleeves or even your hoodie.

Trench Coats

Photo: Taras Chernus on Unsplash

These rain protection coats are once again back in style. They can be worn with suits or even basic clothing as long as the colors go together.

Small Crossbody Bags

Photo: Burberry on Facebook

Instead of carrying multiple things in your pockets, get one of these bad boys to help lessen the bulk. You can throw in your wallet, keys, mask and any other small items you have.

Knitted Polos


Knitted polos have returned! These polos will keep you cozy while also being stylish. Wear these with a nice pair of pants and some boots!


Photo: Karsten Wingeart

Speaking of boots, get a pair to give your outfit a little more warmth and style.

Lastly, Jackets!

Photo: Rodrigo Sümmer on Unsplash

Of course the weather is getting a bit colder, so you’ll need this piece of the outfit to keep you warm!

Written by Brandon Gonzalez
Featured Photo: Zahir Namane on Unsplash
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