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The Experts Explain the Importance of Stress Relief & What to do to Support Your Mental Health

Mental Health Expert, Dr. Rishi Khatri is intimate with the science of stress and how to successfully manage and even reverse its effects. He shares what men should be doing now to live happier and fuller lives.  Learn more about ground-breaking treatments with the Clear Mind Treatment Clinic.

Why do people need to destress and allow themselves to confront their mental health? One of the most important reasons destressing is important is to allow clarity of thought. Stress shuts down the frontal lobe, which is where our ability to think is. By de-stressing, it allows better thought, problem solving, understanding, better choices, etc. 

What are the three things that men can do now when stressed? 

  1. Get some exercise in any form. When people get stressed, cortisol (stress hormone) rises in the body. Exercise gets rid of the stress hormone, and releases endorphins, which is a natural chemical that helps us feel good, so the more vigorous the exercise, the better and the more endorphins that get activated.   
  2. Learn how to get grounded by various breathing techniques (such as deep breathing or counting backward from 10.) Breathing deeply slows our heart rate and lowers blood pressure.
  3. Stretch and practice body focus activities such as yoga for an excellent way to relieve stress. 

What are a few great resources that men can tap into? 

1) Athlean-X’s YouTube channel (on IG @athleanx) is a tremendous exercise source with hundreds of techniques and tips by a licensed physical therapist and personal trainer. Exercise for men is key for men’s mental and physical health. 

2) TheSageSeeker YouTube channel is an amazing resource to gain access to dozens of guided meditations and relaxation calming music. If you don’t know how to breathe for relaxation or how to meditate, you will find resources here to help assist you. 

3) “Evolve Your Brain” by Joe Dispenza is an amazing book that outlines why and how we can reshape how we think and feel, and exactly how it happens. 

Did you know that research has proven that meditation can grow new brain cells? Studies published in the NeuroReport, a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering the field of neuroscience, in November 2005 demonstrated an increase in the brain’s gray matter in the 20 participants who all received extensive training in Buddhist Insight Meditation.

What technology does your facility at Clear Mind Treatment use? The technology that we use is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Neurofeedback. Both of these technologies allow for the brain to reconnect and regenerate, a process called neuroplasticity. 


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