Met Gala
Who Will Attend The Event of The Year?

This year a few hundred of the world’s elite have received an invitation to the biggest fashion event.

The Met Gala, one of the most exclusive fashion events, is right around the corner. This year’s benefit has already differed from the first Monday of May that we know. The famous date was postponed to September 13th. In addition, this year The Met will host a two-part exhibition that will extend to next year. But it seems as if these major adjustments aren’t the only things that will change the expression of the event.

This year’s highly guarded guest list seems to hold the biggest shift in the event’s history. What was once known as an event reserved for the elite, has now opened up to young influencers. The evening’s co-chairs will be Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Amanda Gorman. All under 25, the eldest being Timothée Chalamet.

Photo: Naomi Osaka on Facebook

The only other confirmed guests are the honorary chairs. Tom Ford, Adam Mosseri and the woman behind the event, Anna Wintour hold these most-important invitations.

As for the other attendees, we can only guess and wait in anticipation for “fashion’s biggest night out.” The guest list is fully revealed until the stars step onto that famous red carpet. But half the fun leading up to the event is speculating about who will attend the event and who will dress them. 

As usual, we can expect to see familiar faces. Celebrities that attend year after year to support the exhibition and to leave us speechless with their looks. Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, Lupita Nyong’o and Camila Cabello are some of the few who we can expect to make a grand entrance at the Gala.

Photo: Camila Cabello on Facebook

Some unfamiliar faces for the event have caused an uproar on social media. Speculations about young internet personalities attending the event have resulted in an explosion on comments and honest opinions. Influencers like Emma Chamberlain, Addison Rae and Chloe Fineman, have been at the center of these rumors. 

The event invites accomplished athletes as well. Perhaps this year Allyson Felix and Venus Williams will grace the red carpet. We could also expect seven-time Formula 1 world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton to attend the gala. He was rumored to have bought an entire table he intends to fill with black designers and athletes. 

Photo: Lewis Hamilton on Facebook

Per usual, the event has a high representation of the music industry. Maybe we will see artists like Shawn Mendes, Rosalía and Lorde.

Although we can expect to see many of our favorite stars, this year’s guest list is a lot shorter than we are used to. The main reason for this is the ongoing health risk of large gatherings. Regarding the previous statement, many Europeans will not be attending the event due to restrictions and closed borders. Other complications arose as the new date clashed with the beginning of London Fashion Week.

Despite the challenges, we are all glad to have this dear event up and running again. Although the event has changed to adapt to the challenges of our current world, one thing is for sure, we will all be surprised come September 13th. 

Written by Julia Silva Kurppa
Featured Photo: Met Gala on Facebook
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