The 2021 Met Gala was an ode to American fashion. A celebration of the blend of all cultures that America has become. It was a beautiful sight to see the top influencers of the country embracing and appreciating the beauty that comes from an inclusive culture.

On the red carpet, the theme was translated into a maximum expression of creativity through fashion. We saw a myriad of looks by Óscar de la Renta, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Versace, Saint Laurent and Dior to name a few. Many looks were inspired by Marilyn Monroe and other iconic Hollywood stars. There was a fair share of trains, tails and tuxedos! 

Looks all represented American fashion like never before, and the designs symbolized creativity and the freedom of expression that abound in America. Here are some top picks for the most surprising looks of the 2021 Met Gala. 

Billie Eilish

Photo: Oscar de la Renta on Facebook

She was the belle of the ball. This young trailblazer has shown the world different expressions of femininity throughout her career. Last night, she had her Cinderella moment. She wore an exquisite gown by Óscar de la Renta. Her blonde hair and delicate makeup were the perfect match for the blush of the dress. Indeed, she stepped out of a fairytale and onto the red carpet. 

Timothée Chalamet

Photo: Met Gala on Facebook

The young actor has become a major influence in men’s fashion. Specifically, he is known for pulling off dangerous affairs between high fashion and everyday wear. When he was announced as co-chair, nothing less than a statement could be expected. He truly made a point that Converse is versatile. Yes, he brought Converse to the Met Gala! 

Kim Kardashian West

Photo: Met Gala on Facebook

Balenciaga head to toe. It was a surprise when Kim Kardashian hid her beautiful face from the cameras on the red carpet. Her Balenciaga look was a bold statement, and it embodies the American courage of stepping out of the ordinary. 

Lil Nas X

Photos: Versace on Facebook

Three looks in one. Although it was his first Met Gala, Lil Nas X knew how to dress up appropriately. First, he stepped onto the carpet in his royal glow, then the cape came off to reveal a brave knight, then he was stripped off his armor to reveal the sparkling Versace look.

Frank Ocean

Photo: Warp on Facebook

Frank Ocean wore a three-piece suit by Prada and a green baby. He held a mechanical baby all the way up the stairs of the red carpet. His inspiration for the look came from movie magic and he succeeded in accomplishing it. In fact, his look was unreal.


Photo: Met Gala on Facebook

This look embodies why people love the Met Gala so much. Iman was dressed by Harris Reed and accompanied by the designer in a matching look. Iman was a ray, symbolizing the light that has been shed on the inclusivity in America. Moreover, her look was phenomenal and Harris Reed’s work, as always, left viewers speechless.


Photo: Iris Van Herpen on Facebook

Grimes wore a look by Iris Van Herpen. She was inspired by the new movie Dune, which has not come out yet. Her accessories were real showstoppers. She wore a sword and a luminous book of sorts.


Photo: Met Gala on Facebook

A mention must be made for the queen of the gala. Everyone awaited her arrival, and she did not disappoint in her Balenciaga look. She accomplished a poised street look while staying loyal to the oversized fit. Additionally, her look represents the large part of American culture that was born on the streets.

Kendall Jenner

Photo: CDN Digital on Facebook

Although it is not surprising that Kendall Jenner looked stunning, her incredible look must be mentioned. She wore a piece by Givenchy and was accompanied by its designer. Her look was inspired by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. The piece had a regal expression, but it included various details that cannot be tossed into one category. That is American fashion. A myriad of expressions. A representation of who we were, where we are and where we’re heading. 

Written by Julia Silva Kurppa
Featured Photo: Getty Images
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