Michael Jai White,
The Measure of a Man

Photography & Editorial By Ramón Rik Singley II

He has broken Hollywood records for being the first Black superhero in a major motion picture. From comedy to drama to being the ultimate martial arts expert, White continues to broaden his portfolio; 2020 reveals two major films already for this star, “The Outlaw Johnny Black” under their newly cemented production company, Jaigantic Studios. Michael is the lead actor, director, writer and producer. Gillian is Associate Producer and makes a cameo during one of the film’s fight scenes. The Whites also both act alongside each other in “Sudden Death” by Universal Pictures.


“I think the measure of a man is how secure he is in himself and if he buys into the ridiculous thought that, “making less money than his spouse makes him less of a man” then he’s less of a man by accepting that bullshit. If I helped turned my wife into a billionaire, I’d be the proudest man on earth! If she thought less of me and wound up losing the only man who was there for her and loved her for who she truly is, then she’d be the dumbest woman on earth! There’s no way I’d let a stupid society stigma affect my personal life and I’m sad for the folks who do. There is no man on earth who could love my woman the way I do no matter how much money they have. We’ve seen time and time again, the rich, famous and miserable who lose it all and would give it all away to have someone they truly loved who’d truly love them. How much more proof do we need to realize that our commitment to love is the most priceless gift of all?”


“Supporting my partner is my biggest job! Before the children and myself, I must support my wife because I believe as a man, my priority is to provide security for my family. My wife works as an actor, “just like me” but she runs the custodial, nutritional, laundry, clerical and emotional nourishment departments for myself as well as the kids. I suck at those things and I’m so happy I don’t have to do them that I don’t hesitate to do the “macho manly stuff” whenever I’m needed. It just so happens that keeping a smile on my wife’s face is my favorite part of my job and in doing so I expose our children to a standard I wish for them in their futures. I absolutely love seeing my wife prosper from the work we’ve put in together but I love how proud our children are of her even more. I feel having someone who believes in me, truly unlocks my full potential. I am thankful to have been in relationships where this was not the case because it makes me elated for what I have now. There are times when my belief in myself falters and her belief in me restores it. It’s unique in that I used to feel I had many needs but there are actually very few. I am secure in a world filled with insecurity and society’s noise has a little footprint in my world because my needs are thoroughly met in my relationship.”


“The movie we’re about to do is our fourth movie together. It will be great fun because I believe we may be setting another milestone as the first married couple to do a fight scene against each other. She’s a terrorist who comes up against our hero and fights him to the death! How’s that for women’s empowerment?”


“I look to history and the lineage of actors who came before me for inspiration. I recognize a kindred spirit that I share with actors of a bygone era and fight to foster projects that lend to the same ethos of those classic movies. I want to create new classics that will bring about the same reverence and be enjoyed for future generations. I’ve started my own company called Jaigantic and I’m on my way.”


“I think women’s empowerment is a societal evolution that brings much needed balance to the embarrassing misogynist doctrines that have stood as status quo throughout the world. I think the blatant inequality could no longer be rationalized by a forward-thinking populous and something had to be done. As the father of three daughters, I am delighted that their equal treatment is merely something they will view as their status quo and my fight to have them treated with respect is less strenuous because it’s become a societal mandate.”


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