Tips on How to Maintain
Your Hair during COVID-19

How to Maintain your Hair during COVID19

2020 has been a crazy year. Taking on Coronavirus has definitely taken us down a path unexpected. There are a ton of things all of us are worried about … money, kids, the economy … and you (like most people) are wondering how they are going to walk around with inches of grey hair and unkept trims. I’m here to focus on a lighter topic of the matter! But before you pick up scissors or box dye, let’s walk through some available options for you to maintain your look OR maybe this is a time to change it up at home if you’re bored!

A lot of us are still leaving the home to work and take care of essentials for our homes and families. It’s understandable to still want to have access to maintaining your hair. Crazy enough, hair salons aren’t essential to our lives and most places have closed down for the time being!

Here are a few suggestions for you to give a try!

Reach out to your current hairstylist or salon and see what they’re offering during this time. A lot of salons and stylist friends have been offering “color kits” which can include base colors and glosses or toners. This is a great option for you to choose if you need to cover greys or refresh your current color. It will maintain your color so you will need less work when salons open up again and are a way better option than reaching for box dye. Box dye can be extremely difficult to work over and will most likely turn into a color correction try to fix it! This is hard on the hair and very costly. If your salon isn’t offering these kits, see if you have a professional in the area that is!

Check out Instagram or any social media platform for hair tutorials! Tons of hairstylists are utilizing social media to make IGTV or TikToks using their skills. I’ve seen videos on how to blow dry or curl your own hair and even color application videos! If you do decide to purchase a color kit from a pro, try asking your salon to make a video to demo or point you in the direction of someone who has made one.

Check out my IG for some tutorials as well!

FaceTime a professional!

If you’re bored at home and want to DIY bangs, ask your stylist to FaceTime you so he/she can walk you through it. I think this is an amazing way to keep in contact with your stylist, as well as help you avoid common mistakes when pulling out the kitchen scissors.

Speaking for most stylists, we love our jobs and miss contact with you. Giving us tasks will help us know we still can play a key part in helping you and making you feel good. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

We’re all in this together! Stay strong and healthy. Remember you’re not alone.

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