Milena Rose is the bold and creatively articulate 10-year veteran color specialist at Alen M Femme Coiffure in West Hollywood, California.  She specializes in expensive-looking styles and color while leading the hair color industry with a continuous passion for learning and developing techniques. Learn more about her here.

Q: What inspires you?  Anyone using their platform to make a difference in the world.  Jen Atkin and Kristin Ess are inspiring women in my industry whom I look up to.  Kim Kardashian West who is now practicing law and making an impact on our justice system. I can’t do anything but applaud that.

Q: Tell us three trends or products that everyone should know about or consider for themselves to feel good.  

1) Alfaparf Milano is an Italian line that I recommend to everyone.  They have a scalp line that has a microbiotic system for hair loss, dandruff and sensitive skin.  These systems are included in-salon treatments as well as take-home products to maintain. Alfaparf Milano products maintain and prolong color-treated hair as well.

2) Trends are trends.  If you do want to play big in the trendy world, chunky highlights are definitely making a comeback.  Think of these bolder looks as that sporadic, funky piece in your closet you wore for a straight week so you could post it on IG.  Taking risks is fun, just know coming out of this trend might not be as easy as throwing away a dress…but after all, it’s just hair!  A good hair artist will always give you the healthiest route recommendation.

3) The Wasteless Shop (@thewastelesshop) They are a zero waste refill store and plastic free!  They have everything from silk dental floss to bamboo cutlery kits. How could you not feel good using this stuff?!

Q: In your experience, what is your number one advice to stylists, influencers and other brands looking to build and grow their careers?  Be authentic and nice to everyone you meet.  This industry is so saturated with amazing talent.  One thing we cannot sacrifice is authenticity and proper manners!

Q: Tell us about your mindset?  I never stopped following my intuition.  I have a keen sense of understanding it and I use it to make decisions.  When I was at my lowest and my gut was telling me to just stay put and keep putting in work, I did.  My mindset was all or nothing during those times. I remember telling myself when I was doubtful “it has to work out.”

Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced in building your career and how did you overcome it? The biggest challenge I’ve faced was picking up after 7 years of building a clientele in Ohio and moving to LA.  I came alone and dealt with the typical hardships of moving into a new city. I worked really hard by assisting my boss, Alen M, for a year.  During that year I would stay after shifts and come in on my days off to take models and young girls as “clients” (typically free work) just to post photos and get my name out there.  I worked some days at DryBar to make ends meet. I’ve always been a workaholic, but this definitely impacted me by giving me the mental strength and toughness I have now. After about a year, Alen saw my work ethic and grind and put me on the floor full time.  I’ve been a full-time colorist at my salon for a little over 2 years now.

Q: Advice to your younger self and what you want people to know about you?  Relax.  Let yourself enjoy the things you WANT to do!  Let life happen for you, not “to” you. I am driven by focus and competition with myself, not by fame or materialistic items.  

Q: What is next for you? I am currently dipping into wigs and extensions!  My goal is to make custom (and ethically sourced) wigs at a reasonable price.


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