Meditation is a mindfulness practice that is associated with countless physical and mental health benefits. It allows individuals to stop their running thoughts and regain gratitude in life. If you are on the edge of a burnout, a 10 minute meditation session will keep you grounded.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, stress management is an essential skill to help you find your inner peace. Research shows that accumulating stress is associated with negative health outcomes, such as heart disease, weight gain and impaired immune system functions. To reduce stress-related health risk, meditation will help you relieve stress and improve your mental wellbeing. Here are the three reasons why you should incorporate meditation into your daily routine. 

Any time is the best time for meditation

In comparison to other therapeutic activities, meditation is the easiest form of self care that you can practice at any time, any place. A short 10-minute meditation can alert your mind of the present instead of thinking about uncertainty in the future. Meditation allows you to focus on your mood, what you have now, and how you should prioritize your time. 

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Meditation will help you sleep better 

Additionally, studies have shown that mindfulness reduces improves sleep quality. Living in a stressful environment, meditation is an effective way to set a sleeping mood and filter out external distractions. 

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Meditation will improve your mental health

Lastly, there is strong evidence that meditation is beneficial to cognitive functions, including attention, mood, and memory. Therefore, in the long run, incorporating a short meditation in your morning routine may boost your productivity and prepare you for new challenges.  

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So try meditation today and experience the benefits! You can start with a 10-minute meditation on apps such as Headspace and Calm to liberate yourself from stress.

By Irene Chung
Featured Photo: Photo: Shashi Chaturvedula on Unsplash
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