Breaking Cycles with The My Do Over Experience

Jennifer Hernandez and Daphne Pinkney  hosted the first annual “My Do Over Experience” at the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Chicago on September 16th to help people renew their mindset and create their dream life. The historical location built in 1929 is in the heart of Chicago and is home to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse a junior olympic pool, spa and a redefined urban relaxation.

The fabulous event encouraged people to not be ashamed of having to “Do Over” specific aspects in order to level up to the next stage of business and personal growth. They dove deep in the importance of loving, forgiving and believing in oneself to ascend to the highest version of life. Decadent decor such as a beautiful gold chandelier, earthly tones, white flowers and a grand stagefloor set the mood for the powerful presentations set to happen.

The “My Do Over Experience” with distinguished entrepreneurs featured networking and celebration. The event consisted of panels and workshops to help participants walk away with a roadmap to their journey of transformation. Hosted by Paris J. Pinkney the event featured dynamic speakers from a variety of industries, such as: Jennifer Hernandez, Daphne Pinkney, Ryan Blair, Stormy Wellington, Claudine Hibbert-Smith, Destiny Hernandez, Kia Pinkney and Lisa Copeland. The experience also included a top producing real estate panel led by Riccardo Wardlow, Sheena Baker, Maggie Antillon-Mathews and a marketing panel featuring multifasceted entrepreneurs including, Tricia Love Vargas and Chantrelle Cross and Sally Delgado. Topics emphasized during the speakers talks were determination, commitment to your business, purpose, resilience, and rebirth. Each provided real life examples of personal triumph and how at instances they had to “Do Over” certain aspects of their life in order to reach the success they’ve acquired today.

Live entertainment with DJ Toure, an elaborate dinner and special performance by Emmy nominated singer and actress Ariana Burks followed event speakers to close off the event. Jennifer and Daphne are now offering mentorship, which includes weekly training, worksheets, accountability community, and a private Facebook group. To learn more about the “Do Over” Experience or to sign up to their membership click here

The Women Behind the “Do Over Experience”

Leading by example, Jennifer Hernandez and Daphne Pinkney are answering their calling in life with their “Do-Over” movement. Both women have incredible personal testimonies of overcoming some of the most difficult life experiences, including homelessness, addiction, abuse and depression. Role models of courage, they personify how individuals can rise out of the depths of sorrow and start again with a “Do-Over.” 

Jennifer Hernandez is a Top 1% In Lending Loan Depot Branch Manager and Co-Founder of Do Over alongside Daphne Pinkney EXP Top 1% Realtor and Team Leader of The Pinkney Team. Read More on these two dynamic women who are also L.A. STYLE Most Influential 2022 Cover Stars by clicking here.

Do Over
Do Over
Do Over
Image Featuring: Jennifer Hernandez
Do Over
Image Featuring: Jennifer Hernandez (Left) Ryan Blair (Right)
Do Over
Image Featuring: Jennifer Hernandez
Do Over
Do Over
Image Featuring: Paris Pinkney
Do Over
Image Featuring: Lisa Copeland
Image Featuring: Daphne Pinkney (left) and Jennifer Hernandez (right)
Image Featuring: Jennifer Hernandez (left) Stormy Wellington (center) Daphne Pinkney (right)
Image Featuring: Kia Pinkney (left) and Stormy Wellington (right)
Image Featuring: Ryan Blair
Image Featuring: Daphney Pinkney and family
Image Featuring: The Pinkney Team Powered by EXP Realty

Written by Ryleigh Nelson


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