Search provides one way to give love to the homeless in DTLA.

A recent volunteering experience made me want to share a small way that most people can get involved.

Everyone needs love and compassion. It’s easy to go about ou daily lives and forget that there are people all around us that need our help and our support. I recently volunteered with an organization in Downtown Los Angeles, It was humbling, powerful and moving. 

A little time spent in service to those in need has opened up my heart and my eyes to the inequalities that we have all around us. Just down the street, there are hungry mothers, veterans, children and others in need of help. Just by passing out some needed supplies and sharing a smile with everyone there, a movement of peace, compassion, love, and unity can be made and felt in the heart of DTLA. 

Every Wednesday at 540 S. San Pedro Street in DTLA, Tiffany A. Rose and her crew show up between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM and provide life-sustaining staples that include food, clothing, toiletries and encouragement to the homeless. Regardless of race, or religious beliefs, love is given. If you are in need of a dose of gratitude, I recommend that you show up and give some of your time. It’ll change your life and the life of those you’re serving. Give them a call and share some of your time and love. If you can’t volunteer, help them out by making a donation It goes a long way, I’ve seen it first hand.

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