Naz Barouti
Lawyer, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Media Commentator & Public Speaker

Empowering Women through Legal Knowledge 

Known as the estate planning “guru,” Barouti has been interviewed on Fox News Radio, Bloomberg TV, USA Today and Fox 11 News for legal commentary in matters of death, divorce and criminal prosecution of high-profile figures. She hosted a weekly radio program “Protecting Your Family” with Kerri Kasem and is a board member for Kasem Cares Foundation. She can currently be heard on Talk Radio KABC 790 AM on “Love, Death and Money with Attorney Naz Barouti.”  Barouti is not your average lawyer. She considers herself a legal advocate for women, she also prides herself in educating the masses on financial literacy as an agent at WFG. Her goal is to help women understand how to protect their assets when entering into any partnership, business or relationship. Barouti’s expert yet approachable demeanor makes it easy for clients and listeners alike to gain legal insights.

Tell us about your passion to educate women? 

My father focused on teaching me to be independent, especially financially independent. Over the past 10 years, I observed that many women have been forced to stay in relationships because of financial reasons. Financial abuse is a real thing, but with the right information, women can make more conscious decisions about their future. Knowing better is doing better. It’s my mission to discuss everything pertinent to women’s finances: how taxes work, how to protect minor children as a single mom or how to plan for long term care costs. It’s important we remember that women outlive men; therefore, we need to be more active in securing our financial futures. 

“My calling is and always will be  to help others,
whether that’s through legal education or

How did you find your calling? 

I always wanted to be an attorney, but I also wanted to be an entertainer. I was able to combine these two passions through public speaking and radio. Being on stage or on the air allows me to provide legal and financial knowledge in a clear but exciting way. My calling is and always will be to help others, whether that’s through legal education or motivation.

Biggest lesson in business?

I have learned not to focus on what other people are doing in your industry. Many entrepreneurs focus on what competitors are doing rather than implementing new ways to create an impact. For example, there are many lawyers that offer estate planning services for clients, but I developed a system and an approach to the law which puts my clients at ease. Not every attorney can provide that. 

“During my almost 10 years of practicing law, I started noticing that many women were not financially literate, which can have a huge impact on their futures. I wrote the book as a legal bible for women to avoid the traps and take control of their lives with proper financial and legal planning.” – Naz Barouti, Author of Love, Death, and Money: A Woman’s Guide  to Legally Protecting Yourself

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell her to take the risks and avoid those who didn’t support or encourage growth. I spent too much time making “safe” decisions and doubting if those decisions were worth the effort. I realize now that many people around
me weren’t the strongest influences or supports.

Did you have a tipping point?

It was when I realized that people were coming to me for guidance about legal and life issues. Knowing that they valued my opinion showed me that I was having an impact in my industry. I attribute my success to my resilient mindset.
It took almost 10 years to feel I had achieved success. This path is not for the weak of heart, but only true warriors and champions for change. With this power comes the responsibility to help as many people reach their full potential.

What don’t we know about you? 

If you looked at my social media you would think I’m a major extrovert, but in reality, I’m such an introvert. I much rather stay at home curled up on my couch watching a movie than go out and socialize. I’m also a major nerd! I’m obsessed with reading and going to bookstores/libraries. The smell of a new book is probably one of my favorite scents!

“I think this is a common struggle for many entrepreneurs. I’ve quickly learned that the priority should always be putting your mental and physical health first. If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot help others or enjoy the simple pleasures of life.”




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