Our list of never dying trends that you should have in your wardrobe.

As the fashion world is on a journey of becoming eco-friendly, there is one important quality that everyone is searching for. Sustainability. Real fashion is on a mission to eradicate fast-fashion. The best way to prevent yourself from falling into fast-fashion, is by choosing clothes that you will love for a long time. However, as we talk about fashion, it is important for you to look stylish and remain relevant. To help you on this quest, we gathered a list of never dying trends.  

1. Little black dress

Photo: Nadia Sitova on Unsplash

It is no wonder that women have always worn black clothing, but the little black dress has become a symbol of elegance. The famous LBD traces all the way back to the 1920s, designed by Coco Chanel. The look gained even more recognition when Audrey Hepburn wore Hubert de Givenchy’s piece in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It is time for you to get your Hepburn on and get this staple for yourself. It will remain elegant and iconic for many seasons.

2. A-line skirts

This cut has been around for 66 years now. Thanks to the genius Christian Dior, this trend has been popular since 1955. It is safe to say the A-Line skirt is a must for a sustainable wardrobe. 

3. Denim

Photo: Becca Tapert on Unsplash

This twill cotton trend was birthed in the 1800s in France. The forerunners and classic denim brands are Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. What started as work attire for miners and laborers quickly turned into an iconic look. If it has been around for two centuries, it will surely stick around for many more years.

4. Tweed

This historic fabric finds its roots in 18th century Scotland. The coarse cloth has made its way down multiple runways with unique designs and fine tailoring by various designers. If you’re looking for an original tweed, you’ll find the real deal at Harris Tweed

5. Trench coats

Photo: Alexandra Iva on Unsplash

The trench coat was created by British and Scottish inventors in the 1820s. It wasn’t popularized until Aquascutum and Burberry rebranded it as the WW1 trench coat. The spotlight shone on this trend when it entered Hollywood in the 1940s, and by the looks of it, it won’t stop shining on it anytime soon.

6. White shirts

White shirts seem like an obvious pick, but it is not in vain that this staple has remained relevant decade after decade. The white shirt was reserved for men only up until the 20th century. In the 1920s, designers began to introduce the symbol of a wealthy gentleman into women’s clothing. Through the influence of movie stars, the white shirt became popular in the 1940s. 
Today, the controversial white shirt is a must-have. It can be matched with anything to suit your own taste. 

7. Floral Print

The Japanese implemented nature’s beauty into their kimonos and birthed the long lasting trend of floral prints. Floral silks grew popular in the west in the 19th century, and have been around ever since. Florals are easy to style to your own taste and add a soft feminine touch to your wardrobe. 

8. Converse

Photo: Oscar Gutierrez

This iconic brand has been around for a hundred years. The company was launched in 1908 by Marquis Mills, but it wasn’t until Charles H “Chuck” Taylor joined in 1921 that the influence of the brand began to spread. Now Converse has done multiple collaborations with artists from diverse platforms and continues to grow its influence.

9. Camel Topcoat

Launched in 1919, this classic designed by Jaeger is responsible for putting London on the fashion map. The coat has provided a sense of casual formality for influencers ranging from Hollywood stars to royalty. Why not add yourself to the list of icons that have worn the classic camel topcoat?

10. Red Lipstick

Red is a powerful color, and it makes for a bold accessory when worn on your lips. The red lip has brought women confidence and power for many decades. Although it is not a piece of clothing, it will be an essential part of the outfits you will create with this list of never dying trends. 

Written by Julia Silva Kurppa
Featured Photo: Houcine Ncib
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