We are thrilled to announce the 2023 Wo3 Executive Committee. This group of remarkable women is dedicated to the mission of empowering women-owned businesses through partnership, promotion, and support. Together, they inspire and unite women of all backgrounds to rally around female-led enterprises on a designated day each year in March, in honor and celebration of Women’s History Month. The committee firmly believes that women-owned businesses are vital to the global economy and that it is essential to take intentional actions and provide financial backing to help them flourish.

As they say on their website “Imagine  the positive impact we can make with a little effort and collective intention?” – 

The new Wo3 board of directors has gathered together to proudly showcase a list of The Top 50 female Entrepreneurs presented by Wo3 organization consisting of Women-Owned Brands, covering a wide range of products and services, including Beauty, Coaching, Fashion, Photography, Branding, Marketing, and many others. We proudly present The New Wo3 Executive Committee for 2023 listed below.

Meet Tammi Relyea, Founder, WO3, BRA-sériē.

A passionate, energetic and visionary mom-preneur, Tammi Relyea is on a mission: it’s time to reinvent the bra strap! After hearing many women ask, “What do I do with these boring bra straps?” Tammi saw the need to evolve the bra strap from a functional necessity into a stylish fashion accessory.

In 2017, she launched her first lines — the Black Box, Grey Box and Neutral Box Collections — introducing women across the United States to her innovative brand called BRA-série, featuring stylish interchangeable bra straps from dainty to daring.

Prior to launching BRA-sériē, Tammi spent over a decade in the non-profit sector raising funds for abused and neglected children. Her professional career also includes working in entertainment advertising and graphic design studios.

Through BRA-sériē, and WO3, Tammi’s mission is to create a company that inspires personal expression, promotes a positive self image for women of all ages and advocates for female-owned businesses!

Meet Joanna Clark – Founder, Blissful Baby Sleep Coach, WO3 Executive Committee.

As a Pediatric Sleep Coach, Joanna Clark of Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching offers the most effective, gentlest sleep coaching method for children 6 months to 6 years. No Need to “cry-it-out”. No more “mommy guilt.” Just beautiful, blissful sleep for you and your child.

As a parent who has experienced the pain of sleep-deprivation, overwhelm, and relentless questioning of their self-worth because she too had a child that did not sleep through the night, Joanna knows exactly how frustrating and isolating it feels to want what’s best for your child and yet, can no longer tolerate living in a confused and sleep-deprived haze.

Joanna utilizes science-grounded Gentle Sleep Coaching® as the most effective, positive reinforcement approach to healthy, safe sleep training for your child. Her proprietary Blissful Baby Stairway to Sleep™ is a step-by-step and child-led approach, which helps parents tenderly teach the “skills of sleep” to their child.

Over the past 13 years as a Trained and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach℠, Joanna is recognized as one of the top 200 Sleep Consultants in the US by Tuck. Joanna has helped thousands of families achieve drama-free bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps, confident parenting and a harmonious household. In short, Joanna is committed to leading a well-rested family revolution.

Joanna is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, American Sleep Association and National Sleep Foundation. Joanna is also a 3x International Best-Selling Author: The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know. She has also been recognized by countless blogs, websites and family magazines.

Let me help your family achieve beautiful, blissful sleep too!

Joanna can be reached for a 60 minute Sleep Strategy Session by completing the contact me page on her website.

You can follow Joanna on Facebook or Instagram

Meet Mafae Yunon-Belasco – Mafae Management Consultancy, WO3 Executive Committee.

Maria Rafaela “Mafae” Yunon – Belasco is best known for her success in the beauty pageant industry, having won prestigious awards locally and internationally, such as Miss Philippines Australia 1998, Binibining Pilipinas World 2003 (and prominently landing top 5 in the Miss World competition of the same year held in Sanya, China), and Mrs. Philippines Globe 2008.

She has since gone on to channel her expertise into image consulting for Binibinig Pilipinas (Miss Philippines Pageant) since 2003, taking on the role of Personality Development Director for the Miss World Philippines in 2021 and Pageant Director of kumu Global Pageants on the #1 live streaming app of the Philippines, kumu. She continued on in her journey in expanding her services & entrepreneur expertise, starting up her own company – Mafae Management Consultancy (founded 2015), wherein she manages talents, spearheads public relations & marketing, content creation, events management, online show production, and social media management for companies and individuals all over the world.

Mafae has vast experience in commercial, ramp and print modelling, and even television and events hosting. She enjoys passing on her knowledge of each of her experiences through her talks, workshops, and shows in which she does on a weekly basis. She is firm in her mission of making the world a brighter space as a certified Life & Personality Development Coach, Sacred Space Holder and Well-Being Boost Facilitator wherein she helps others become their best selves through positive mindset guidance.

Mafae, alongside her husband Nic Belasco, former professional basketball player in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), also owns a sports academy – the Belasco Unlimited Skills Academy where she coaches Tennis. Mafae is passionate about empowering others with her family campaign #SaveLivesOnline, where she encourages others to be thier true and authentic selves online while populating the digital world with positive content.

Recently, she was awarded 100 Most Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn 2021, took on the roles of Australia Region Director & kumu Creators Academy Head for kumu.

Mafae lives by her motto “The World Is Yours” and “Time + productivity = success”, and aims to bring the best out of everyone around her.

Lastly, the biggest reward in her life is being a mum, bringing up her own young leaders of today in her 6 children, Nico, Mike, Moses, Nicole, Noah & Melo. To add the cherry on top is her husband Nic, who supports and mentors Mafae in all that she does.

Meet Taryn Turner – Founder of The Elevate Agency, WO3 Executive Committee.

Taryn is a brand designer and coach that started her business in 2020 after being laid off from her IT job after 5 years. Instead of accepting defeat she turned to her true love, branding. Using her minimalistic aesthetic, she makes small businesses look like luxury brands without the high budget.

Her goal is to help her clients compete with national and global brands, and in 2 years she has helped launch 700 businesses. Taryn offer a full on approach to branding and offers her clients logos, website design and marketing materials, She also offers one on one coaching to help brands reach their marketing goals by following a set strategy.

With The Elevate Agency, Taryn hope to help femme lead businesses position themselves to win.

Meet Tiffany James – Storyteller and Founder, Encouraging Touch Enterprises, WO3 Executive Committee.

Tiffany James is the founder of Encouraging Touch Enterprise; she is an incredible encourager and gifted storyteller. She is a wife and a mother of three beautiful daughters, who are her world. Tiffany’s mission is to inspire women to own their voice, be their own type of beautiful, rock their greatness, while celebrating the greatness in other women.

Tiffany knows firsthand how hard it is to be the cheerleader behind your dreams, after deciding in 2007 when her corporate career came to end due to the economy, to pursue her passion of using her voice and writings to impact change. It has been a beautiful, exciting, and sobering journey. There have been many times over the years she found herself struggling with uncertainty from the many disappointments and considered giving up and returning to Corporate America, but thankfully during that time she had surrounded herself with strong women who believed in her dreams as much as she did. It is now her mission to be a voice of encouragement to women all over, regardless of the journey they are on, to be bold enough to answer the call of the dream.

Tiffany passionately and consistently achieves this mission through her writings, workshops, storytelling, encouragement coaching, speaking, and through her new, inspiring book, Living in the Land of I Am- Your Life Journey Reveals your Purpose. She teaches women that success is not defined by how many figures you make, but by the courage it takes to stay true to yourself while pursuing your purpose. Her mentoring motto, “Greatness is about serving others with the gift that God has given you.”

Meet Desiree Maya – Founder, Born Unbreakable, WO3 Executive Committee.

Desiree Maya is the Founder of Born Unbreakable, a keynote speaker, a six-figure earner, and host of the Born Unbreakable Podcast. With 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience, she successfully challenges and inspires people to take action and believe in themselves as a part of designing a life and profession that they truly love. Desiree has taken years of setbacks, disappointments, and successes and uses them to fuel powerful, yet simple lessons that will help anyone face their fears, crush their self-limiting beliefs, and embrace their uniqueness.

As a performance improvement consultant, certified coach, and change management expert, Desiree applies systems and processes that keep her clients on track. With a degree in Political Science and Healthcare and Social issues, she is well-versed and able to tackle the issues that plague our society today and has a kind, nurturing approach to helping people set goals and get to where they want to be. With health and wellness, fitness, and fun being at her core, she incorporates intentional work-life balance every single day and shares it openly with her clients as a way to connect. Desiree Maya resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meet Heather Anderson – Founder, Mamahood S.F. Bay Area, WO3 Executive Committee.

Heather Anderson is a community leader and marketing strategist who’s passionate about fostering organic growth for businesses through strategic partnerships – aka collaborations. She’s the Founder of @the_mamahood_us, the largest and most diverse support group for mothers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and @theclub_us, a holistic support group for women entrepreneurs. She’s also a writer, speaker, songwriter, and a mother of five with a penchant for graphic novels and reading cookbooks without actually cooking. Her second book, @the.story.of.sadie, is being published episodically as an illustrated musical memoir on Substack.

Tricia Love Vargas is the CEO of L.A. STYLE House, a luxury hair extension and beauty studio headquartered in Los Angeles. Additionally, she serves as the CEO of L.A. STYLE Magazine, where she is responsible for casting a vision, developing relationships, and creating new media strategies. With years of experience in the fashion and event production industry, she ventured into media in 2015 and acquired the legendary Los Angeles lifestyle publication from the 1980s, L.A. STYLE Magazine, reintroducing it back to the market.

Recently, she wrote a book titled Royalty: The Scripture Unveiled, Promises From The King of Kings To His Heirs , which is a daily devotional that aims to share encouragement and teach principles of confidence based on biblical principles. The book is currently available for pre-order.


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