From a stunning halftime performance to the brotherly feud between the Kelces, the 2023 NFL Super Bowl was one to watch! The game was a close call between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, with the Chiefs reigning the field with 38 points. This year’s Super Bowl broke barriers featuring for the first time in history two brothers on opposite teams competing against each other and two African American Starting Quarterbacks on the field and lastly, Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement during halftime after taking a seven-year leave from the music industry. 


Here are some of the greatest moments of the 2023 NFL Super Bowl:


The Kelce Bowl

Tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, took home the win last night against his brother, Jason Kelce, the center for the Philadelphia Eagles. The brothers were the first in history to face their own sibling on the Super Bowl field. Their mother, Donna Kelce, could be spotted wearing a custom jersey split down the center, half Chiefs, and half Eagles, to show support for both her sons. After the game, the brothers showed nothing but respect and love for each other, sharing a brief hug as the press and media stormed the field. Unfortunately, there could only be one to come out on top between the two, but luckily Donna Kelce was able to come home a winner no matter the outcome.


The Longest Punt Return in Super Bowl History

Definitely one of the most exciting moments of the night for Chiefs fans, besides the glorious Superbowl win, was the 4th quarter punt return by wide receiver Kadarius Toney. With a rough first-half start, the Chief’s players pulled out all the stops in the second half to take home the win. With ten minutes left in the fourth quarter and the Chiefs up by one point, Toney was ready to make his move with a Super Bowl history-making 65-yard punt return. Due to the help of his team and his impeccable speed, Toney made it to the five-yard line. It was a game-changing moment for the Chiefs, as they scored their game-winning touchdown a few plays later.

Rihanna’s Superbowl Halftime Performance

If you only watched the Superbowl for Rihanna, you are not alone. After a seven-year hiatus from music, Rihanna’s anticipated return brought viewership by many non-football-loving fans. Rhianna made the long wait for her return worth it by giving an unreal performance that made it seem like she never even took a break. She stunned in a bright red outfit while singing hit songs like “Diamonds” and “Umbrella” on numerous floating stages. She was accompanied by loads of talented backup dancers dressed in all white who supported her performance with intense choreography. The performance stirred up even more excitement when viewers realized that Rhianna was sporting a new baby bump, which she later confirmed the expectancy of her second child. Congratulations to Rhianna on her pregnancy and her spectacular halftime show!


Celebrities Making Statements off the Field


The Super Bowl comes with many celebrity sightings in the stands, and this year was no different. Pennsylvania native and actor, Bradley Cooper, showed his support at the Superbowl for his home team, the Eagles, his voice used as narration for the teams’ introduction before the game. It gave kind words of support to the Eagles and encouragement to bring the trophy home. Cooper also appeared alongside his mother in a hilarious T-Mobile commercial during the game.

Iconic television personality Martha Stewart and rap star Snoop Dogg also appeared at the Super Bowl in a humorous Skechers commercial. The pair acted as president and presidential advisor, respectively, showing off their fun relationship and creating a memorable moment for those watching.

The daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, also appeared at the game alongside her dad, showing support for the players and Rhianna. Like many viewers, some celebrities came for Rhianna’s performance only. Model and actress Cara Delevigne shared her excitement for Rhianna on Instagram, showing off her shirt that read “Rihanna concert interrupted by a football game. Weird but whatever.” Many people in her Instagram comments shared the same sentiment, and so did Adele. The singer looked uninterested in the football game, clearly there to show her support for Rhianna’s return. 


Kansas City Chiefs Take The Win! 

With many historic and iconic moments, Super Bowl LVII is one to remember! The Kansas Chiefs and Coach Andy “Big Red” Reid earned their third Super Bowl title for the franchise with quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the helm. The nail-biting game between the Chiefs and Eagles and the powerhouse performance from Rhianna, football lover or not, will be impossible to forget.



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