Get inspired by Nordic fashion brands that are paving their own way in the world of sustainable fashion.

Norway is the number one most sustainable country in the world. Whereas Finland and Denmark are ranked second and third. Nordic countries have earned their place as the most sustainable countries for years. It seems we have much to learn from them as it is, but there is a whole new world of sustainable fashion arising from the northern European lands.

It is undeniable that European fashion has always had a great influence within the fashion industry. The chic glow combined with the sophisticated look of fine tailoring never fails to inspire. It is only natural to desire such looks for yourself, and what better way to achieve it than by purchasing clothing from the same brands Europeans do. And better yet, do it responsibly. We present to you a list featuring our favorite fashion brand from each Nordic country. 

Marimekko from Finland

Photos: Marimekko on Facebook

Marimekko is a Finnish design house acclaimed for its original prints and colors. These fun prints were birthed in 1951 to decorate fabrics for household use. Since then the unique prints and colors have gained recognition and pushed the company to expand. They create products that bring joy for a long time with minimal impacts on the environment. Their recognition in bold prints has recently led to an exciting collaboration with Adidas.

byTiMo from Norway

Photos: byTiMo on Facebook

Founded in 2004 by Tine Mollatt, byTiMo seems to have found the impossible formula for timeless clothing that remains relevant. Their styles are inspired by vintage fashion, which translates into our modern world as rare prints and detailed tailoring. The brand has high standards for its values, such as truthfulness and consciousness. Their clothing will make you feel like you’re the protagonist in a vintage film.

FilippaK from Sweden

Photos: Filippa K on Facebook

Founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson, FilippaK was created to provide practical, everyday pieces. Filippa K’s clothing is sure to bring a fashionable wind of longevity to your wardrobe. Through her sophisticated looks, Knutsson challenges fast fashion with irresistibly comfortable, yet aesthetically balanced pieces.

By Signe from Denmark

Photos: By Signe on Facebook

By Signe is doing its part to support and promote sustainable fashion by choosing natural and organic materials. Their contemporary easy wear designs are a must if you’re looking for that Nordic glow in your wardrobe.

Hildur Yeoman from Iceland

Photos: Hildur Yeoman on Facebook

This Reykjavik based designer tells enchanting stories through women’s clothing. Her magical prints are sure to catch your eye. Sustainability, fairness and women’s empowerment are important values for the brand. The Icelandic designer has won numerous awards and dressed the likes of Taylor Swift and Bebe Rexha. Her clothing is designed to hug the female form and bring out the beauty of women’s bodies.

Written by Julia Silva Kurppa
Featured photo: Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash
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