Top 5 diamond shapes

Have you ever wondered how to decide on what diamond shape to choose for your engagement ring?  With so many options to choose from and all the options available, it can be so overwhelming!  Lucky for you – we have made it easy for you with our top five diamond shapes to choose from!  These are the most popular styles we offer and are the most versatile for any bride-to-be! We have included a brief bio below with each shape for you to get an idea of the differences between each style.

  • Round: This timeless classic that has symbolized eternal love for centuries really enhances the vibrancy of the diamond.
  • Princess: One of the most popular shapes that also shows beautifully in a wide range of ring styles.
  • Emerald: The embodiment of elegance and sophistication, this shape has been prominent throughout the decades.
  • Asscher: A cross between the round and the princess cut and an especially popular choice for halo rings.
  • Oval: A top trending shape with a surface area that creates the appearance of a larger stone.

As you can see these are only the top five shapes, but there is something unique about each of them! We invited you to take a look at our website to see all of the diamond shapes we offer for engagement rings. Being able to choose your shape, precious metal, and size of your ring allows you to create the ring of your dreams! Stay connected on Instagram @noveladesigns.

Learn more about there beautiful custom pieces at Novela Designs.



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