L.A STYLE Emerging Entrepreneurs are individuals whose intention is to develop a positive change in the world through their businesses. These entrepreneurs’ goals are to excel in their respective industries through their unique companies missions. Their desire to infiltrate change in their communities are highlighted within this feature. There are many businesses in our nation, but a select number are driven by entrepreneurs who are aligned with a vision for greater good and because of this we share a glimpse of their stories with you today. 

Tanisha Castellanos CEO of TC Therapy LLC & Castellanos Coaching & Consulting LLC

Tanisha Castellanos is Licensed Psychotherapist and Resiliency Coach, with over 15 years of clinical experience, passion and a grind for leadership.

TC Therapy transforms an individual’s pain to purpose through therapeutic interventions in six to eight weeks. Adults, young adults and teenagers coping with depression, anxiety, life transitions and trauma, are supported through the process to increase their resiliency and operate at full potential leading them to live a positive and successful life.

Castellanos shares, “I believe that every pain does two things: It makes us uncomfortable and makes us move. Through TC Therapy we focus on life transitions and I guide you through tactical techniques over a period of six to eight weeks to get you into a very different place than you are now.”

Working with successful professionals who want to better themselves and increase their business is the limelight of Castellanos Coaching & Consulting. Taught by Tanisha Castellanos, self-care, strengths and time management are the main three factors in the six to nine-week coaching packages. Castellano shares, “I am a firm believer that when you are tapping into your strengths, discover them and use them, you will never run out of resources a day in your life.” With a belief that “We can have it all.” Castellano works to aid and improve the community, one day at a time. 

For more information contact: || (914)-676-3578

Justin Duncan CEO of Small Business Voice Media

Justin Duncan founded Small Business Voice Media in 2018. Since the company launch, they have been highlighting businesses through various media outlets including television, radio and now podcasts. Their goal is to be the number one trusted source of content for emerging entrepreneurs to learn about the best practices on how to grow. To be a platform where individuals     can hear the passion, excitement and what makes highlighted business owners different in their respected industry. 

Duncan shares, “Introducing entrepreneurs and small business owners to their future clients while giving them a voice in the media is at the forefront of Small Business Voice Media. A lot of entrepreneurs have a certain reason as to why they’re doing what they’re doing. My goal was to highlight that.”

Through Small Business Voice Media they coach individuals to be able to have an articulated message and synchronized branding. 

Priding themselves as a collaborative project, Small Business Media accepts ongoing applications to be a guest, quarter sponsor or segment sponsor on the show. Duncan shares, “We would like the listeners to feel welcome to be a part of the community as a part of this ongoing trend.” Their podcast runs from the Bay Area to Sacramento, CA and harvests its guests through their networking referral club. 

For more information contact: || (319)-535-5928

Thomas Zhang CEO & Designer of Symbiotic Earth Inc.

Symbiotic Earth Inc. is a fashion design label featuring collections made from sustainable fabrics and upcycling. Their mission is to “sustain our planet through design, innovation, and preservation.” 

They utilize recycled materials from estate sales, compostable materials for packaging, non-recyclable plastic waste as well as thrifting. Zhang shares, “The recent dress I created was the character Sally’s dress from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” All of those fabric pieces on her dress are all thrifted items, including the beading, which utilizes a necklace I found at a thrift store…I remember one of my first creations was a pouch, utilizing leather from a couch and also using fabrics that are not very commonly known such as Tencel. Being resourceful through my designs makes me so happy. ”

Thomas Zhang also represents the company through volunteering and participating in certain events, such as the Judith Hendler Competition that features upcycled designs. In the future, the brand also plans to volunteer in planting trees for the environment to help capture the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Symbiotic Earth Inc. is dedicated to the discovery of new technologies and sources for sustainable resources to make them stand out from their competitors and to help preserve the planet. 

For more information contact:

Cynthia Rodriguez CEO of Star Reporting Services 

After seventeen years as Certified Realtime Reporter, Cythnia Rodriguez has now launched her own company Star Reporting Services. She prides herself in creating verbatim and extremely accurate transcripts in the courtroom. 

Star Reporting Services mentors those interested in the legal field and lead them to become reporters who excel. They use the advanced skills of capturing the words and placing them on a paper where individuals can read and visualize what went on during a court trial. 

Unfortunately the legal field is lacking highly qualified individuals in court reporting, hence this has led to a lack of accuracy in court reporting. Star Reporting Services is dedicated to help change this with it’s goal to increase the number of highly qualified court reporters nationwide. 

She hopes her passion for court reporting inspires the legal field community with positive change. Rodriguez shares, “If you like a good challenge, you like to stimulate your mind and learn, especially these days, growing your knowledge of technology, this is definitely the field to go into. Despite it being challenging, it’s also very rewarding. You get out of it, what you put into it. I hope to help others that are interested in the field, whether it be students or newly Certified Shorthand Reporters.”

For more information contact: (661) 858-3288

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