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Agne Grumslys is the creative genius behind an organic brand of products and services. Learn about our favorite “The Beauty Queen” and just why organic is the way to go. Follow her on IG @Agnesbeautyy to join the organic movement! 





Handmade products are not only beautiful but organic!

1.What is the inspiration behind your natural products?My clients are my inspiration for going all organic and natural. I decided to add my natural soaps as an alternative for clients who cannot put away their soaps. As we know, soap most often than not dries out our skin, unless it is designed for the face. With Agnes Beauty soaps you can wash your skin shave with it and know that your skin will feel smooth, resurfaced and not be irritated afterward.

2. Why do you recommend that men and women enjoy organic products? What a lot of people do not realize is that our skin is our biggest organ; it protects everything inside our body. My products ensure that the skin is healthy and beautiful; therefore, I use organic based products that contain NO toxins, synthetic ingredients, additives or parabens. Product formulas contain certified organic ingredients non-irritating, non-inflammatory and are gentle enough to be used on a baby’s skin. If people truly care about their health and beauty, combining great, healthy nutrition and taking good care of their skin by using all natural-organic product will not only improve its appearance, but it will make them feel more energized, better about themselves, and of course take away years off their face.

3. What do you recommend for an official VIP treatment? I highly recommend my favorite Agnes Beauty treatments: the European Facial, acne treatment; the exclusive non-invasive facelift; the Microcurrent Facial, and the new Cleopatra treatment (it uses gold, one of the softest metals!). All treatments are performed using natural-organic products, so clients who come to Agnes Beauty can be assured that nothing toxic is going on their skin and through their body. Handmade soaps, face and body scrubbers are naturally infused with essential oils, luffa, and different natural plants, some have healing properties, others are more calming, while some focus on helping exfoliating rough skin.

I also highly recommend either the amazing Microcurrent for somebody who is considering a facelift to diminish and eventually get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It firms face muscles without any downtime or pain! It makes a great Christmas gift, which goes great with our special package (buy 5 treatments for the price of 4). I cannot stress enough how amazing this non-invasive and results-oriented the treatment is!

I also offer another very exclusive treatment, the CLEOPATRA, named for its creation for the one and only the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. She used a gold mask every night to enhance her complexion and keep her skin youthful, glowing and beautiful.

4. What do you contribute your success to? Agnes Beauty is all about natural and organic products. My clients are my priority and passion; their safety here comes first! At Agnes Beauty, every treatment can and is customized. I first pay attention and analyze what my client needs are. There is no such thing as a treatment that is by the book. The two most important ingredients in my success story are LOVE and dedication. I say, “Be caring, loving, dedicated and knowledgeable in what you are doing and you won’t have to chase your happiness.” My motto is: “Believe and you will achieve.”

5. What is your favorite product and how can we get our hands on them? My natural, handmade soaps, lip balms, and coming soon the natural hand sanitizers that all can be ordered by contacting me at and soon the products will be on FB @AgnesBeautyLA and my website My most favorite is the natural loofah exfoliating soap infused with essential oils as it exfoliates the skin and leaves it as soft as silk and the body feels calm and relaxed or more energized depending on what oils are used. The other favorite is shea butter, coconut-lemon soap. It is infused with natural vitamins and fatty acids, the skin afterward is incredibly nourishing and moisturized.

Looking for advice about skin or individualized beauty needs? Agne Grumslys provides personalized consultations that will help you choose the right path for your skin needs. Just a drive away in Orange County-Costa Mesa, enjoy unique self-care that will you or that special someone feel revitalized and renewed. Call (714) 604-3449 for more information.


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