Oskar Rivera distinguishes himself with his creativity and drive

Rivera Production’s Oskar Rivera sits down for an interview with writer and interviewer Ruby McAuliffe. The two discuss career discovery, determination, Moreno BHLV, and Rivera’s new dress shirt line dropping this December. 

By: Ruby McAuliffe

Oskar Rivera

Ruby McAuliffe: How would you describe Oskar Rivera?

Oskar Rivera: I’m a go getter. Number one, because I always come through. Number two, I’m always going to do what I promised or told you I would do. I’m also ambitious, driven, and passionate.

Ruby McAuliffe: That’s great. I want to ask you more specifics about you. You’re a brand agent, a business owner, CEO, you own private labels. How did you find yourself in the position you are in today?

Oskar Rivera: Well, everything comes down to finding my true self, and we’re talking about probably 10 or 11 years ago. I tried all different types of jobs, but I hadn’t found something that actually made me happy. But then I started liking business, and that’s how I got myself into the whole thing. But I did have to do a little bit of acting like everybody else in Hollywood. I had to create my path and platform. 

I believe the reason why I found myself doing what I’m doing is because I’m a very social person, and I have great social skill and the ability to connect with people. And I put myself out there and say, “Hey, how can I help you? How can we create a synergy that will benefit both of us.” 

Ruby McAuliffe: What would you say is the number one tip for creating that synergy and connection value?

Oskar Rivera: You have to wake up every day with the best attitude ever, even though you’re going to get people who are not so polite. Because a lot of people, instead of helping you, don’t want to see you do good. That’s the problem with the majority of people. It’s rare when you find genuine people that are going to extend a helping hand, but it’s that attitude and desire to want to be genuine. And when you’re sure about who you are, when you know your true value, you have the ability to not let anything stop you. It’s just hard work and persistence.

Ruby McAuliffe:  How do you keep a positive attitude? 

Oskar Rivera

Oskar Rivera: I remember the first five-seven years, I used to take everything personal. But I had to learn how to separate those negative things from me. There’s a lot of people trying to do something similar to what you’re doing, but the real difference between you and these other people is your whole personality. It’s how you carry yourself and how you are always committed. You also have to be mentally ready that you’re going to face many challenges. 

Ruby McAuliffe: Now, where did that mentality for hard work and drive stem from?

Oskar Rivera: My parents. Sometimes people make fun of me saying, “Hey, listen, I think you were raised very strict.” But I’m so blessed that my dad and my mom raised me in such a hard way in El Salvador, because now I feel like I’m unbreakable. I feel strong. I feel powerful. So yeah, the biggest inspiration right there is my parents, I’ve been blessed. We’re a very humble family. We know the value of respect. We know the value of kindness.

Ruby McAuliffe: I want to ask you more specifics about your brands. Moreno BHLV was one of your first clients. Can you tell me about your journey with them?

Oskar Rivera: Well, I was very fortunate I met the owners about six, seven years ago. I went to an after party for an award show, and I tried this sparkling wine, and that’s when I met the owner. It was the right people at the right spot and time. And now I have a private label with the Rivero Productions logo.

Ruby McAuliffe: You also have a new dress shirt line coming out. Can you give me some details on the looks?

Oskar Rivera: Yes. I love fashion. That’s one thing about me that everyone knows. But back to the dress shirt line, I was put in contact with these individuals. And these guys were like, “Hey, man, I just want to do a dress shirt for you. I want to do a jacket. I’ll do it for free.” But it wasn’t the right time, but the guy never gave up. He kept calling and texting and checking in. And then I finally went in. And that’s how I met them. It’s two brothers, it’s a family business, Diego and Alex, and they’re Mexican. They’re located right on Santa Monica. I’m looking forward to getting the dress shirts from the self-titled line Rivera. We’re going to do a whole photo shoot. We’re going to start doing a whole campaign just to push the brand to hopefully release around the second week of December.

Ruby McAuliffe: Could you give me some details about what the shirts will look like?

Oskar Rivera: Well, they will feature a Mandarin collar, which will make your neck look longer for the guy that doesn’t have a long neck. This is especially true for those who work out, because when you do, you have a tendency to build a stronger neck. But when you wear something like this, it gives you a whole different look. But there are so many choices. The shirt will also allow buyers to put their initials on the cuff. This is because when you wear a suit, the shirt is like half an inch longer. And when you’re shaking hands with somebody, they will notice your initials right there. And I like the striped pattern, and I love colors. So, the whole collection will have beautiful colors and the typical colors, like the normal white, black, and navy blue.

Ruby McAuliffe: Reflecting on your past in El Salvador, did you ever picture yourself living in Los Angeles starting your own dress shirt line and having your own sparkling wine?

Oskar Rivera: You know what, if I go back in time, I would say no. But I never thought about it until now, but I always just took opportunities as they came. I never looked for opportunities, meaning if I knew I didn’t have the resources or if it wasn’t the right time, I didn’t pursue that opportunity. But if I knew and it felt comfortable, then I would say, “I’m ready to do this.”

Oskar Rivera's sparkling wine brand Moreno BHLV

Ruby McAuliffe: I want to ask you one last question. Where do you hope to be in the future?

Oskar Rivera: I want to throw it out there, because in 10 years I will see this. I see myself having my own company. Not my own private label, my own damn freaking sparkling wine company. And I hope God gives me enough life that I’ll be able to see that happen. Because it’s all about searching. It’s all about looking for answers. When you have questions, it’s all about exploring. And if people before me did it, I can do it too.

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