Our Favorite Fathers
on Father’s Day!

Here’s the incomplete Father’s Day List of inspiring dads (plus their Instagrams that we love). They remind us that love and fun are in abundance today and every day – to the fathers and father figures in our lives!

Inspiring Fathers on Father’s Day

Photo: David Beckham Facebook

“I was selfish before. Everyone is. But when you have kids, they become your main priority.”

David Beckham

Photo: Justin Baldoni Instagram

“It’s important that as we lean into the hard work of heart work, that we also do our part to help create systems in society that benefit us not just as employees, but as partners, parents, and most importantly, as humans. This #FathersDay, let’s give families more time together. Let’s give Dads more #TimeToCare.”

Justin Baldoni on initiatives to give father’s time with their families via Instagram
Photo: Troy Hunt Facebook

Find these Dads on Instagram for Daily Inspiration

  1. Father of Daughters
  2. Not So Funny Dad
  3. The Dad Lab
  4. Beleafmel
  5. Troy Hunt
  6. Justin Baldoni
  7. Tom Fletcher
  8. Matthew Patrick
  9. John Legend
  10. Ryan Serhant
  11. Dwayne Johnson
  12. David Beckham

“Fatherhood is a sacred, special space I am grateful to exist in. Black Fatherhood is often undermined and deserves not only to be celebrated, but to be represented.” 

Featured Photo: Beleafmel Instagram

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