Follow these fun and luxurious ways to feel good when plus-size thrift shopping. These trends are crossing all boundaries, and it’s only fair to mention that these tips apply to women of all shapes. When you are looking to beat the fast-fashion not-so environmentally conscious trends and create looks that are creative and original, these tips are for you.

According to Plunkett Research, an estimated 68% of women wear a dress size above 14. 

Embrace the Plus-Size Body Image

Women across the world are embracing their bodies and being empowered through body positivity and self-confidence. Our bodies are all unique and beautify in their many differences. It’s now becoming easier to find inclusive sizing. Designers are slaying the plus-size market and making it easier to find high-quality thrift store pieces. 

Thrifting has gained popularity for several reasons, namely as a more eco-friendly alternative to fast fashion. Additionally, it’s cost-effective, allowing people to experiment with new trends without going over budget. However, there are a few tips for plus-sized women who want to try their hand at thrift shopping: 


1 | It’s OK to Frequent Chain Stores

It’s OK to frequent chain stores, and in this case they may be your best bet. Stores like Goodwill or the Salvation Army are well-known and recognized names that receive high traffic with often much more variety. They also have larger facilities in general, with more items to choose from. These stores also have added benefits like having their clothes undergo a standard quality inspection before being put on the shelves. 

2 | Look In The Men’s Section

The cut of men’s versus women’s clothing is a bit different. This season is showing us that binary looks are popular so it makes it easy to look on both sides of the rack. Since men’s clothes are typically designed to have a looser fit, this allows for a creative spin on what might be a normal look. The oversized, slightly more relaxed look is an interesting style choice. A men’s denim jacket paired with a choker and some combat boots could easily be an Instagram-worthy outfit. Yet even though you’re pulling pieces from the men’s section, it doesn’t necessarily mean your overall look will be masculine. Your styling with accessories and color choices can make all the difference. 

3 | Time of Year Matters More Than You Think

The week after New Years’ can actually be a great time to find plus-sized clothes. The attitude of ‘New Year, New Me’ can create a frenzy of people throwing out some of their larger clothes in hopes of shedding a few pounds. In that same vein, late January to early February is the best time to find unwanted and lightly used workout clothes. You’re welcome. 

4 | Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment at the Thrift Store

One of the biggest drags when shopping second-hand stores for plus-size clothes is finding an item in your size that looks matronly and outdated. However, sometimes clothes look differently once you try them on as opposed to the way they look on the rack. Choosing something that doesn’t quite feel like your style, only to mix it up and find new ways to pair it can be a great way to broaden your horizons. There is also the possibility of customization if you know some basic tricks; for example, wear a shirt tied up, cut a hem here, remove some extra beading you dislike, etc. 

5 | Ignore the Signs on the Racks for Plus-Sizing

Imagine that you are going in with an entirely new and creative perspective. The racks won’t be your guide, your creativity will. The size printed on the tag of the garment versus the tag or hanger given by the thrift store doesn’t always match up.

If you have the extra time, it is well worth double-checking to see if something is actually hiding from your normal view because of the rack designations. Additionally, it’s worth overlooking the labels since clothing sizes can be inconsistent from brand to brand, especially when looking at vintage pieces that sometimes run smaller. 

6 | Have Fun when Plus-Size Shopping!

Bring Water, Snacks and Patience. Clothes shopping can be emotional, especially if it’s difficult to find the right size – or it can be fun. Go prepared to be patient and remember that you want to feel good about your clothes, so make it a fun experience! Take some snacks, your best friend and the mindset that you will find winners for your closet. Thrifting may be unpredictable, and that’s not your fault. The important part is to make sure you remain kind to yourself. 



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